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There are certain groceries that I miss from the UK including beer. Does anybody know of a carrier who will take groceries in, in the UK, and then ship them down to the Languedoc

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You can get a wide range of British groceries at the Casino supermarket in Olonzac. They also hold an English book exchange on the second Tuesday in every month. We went to the book exchange yesterday and they had Christmas puds and cake, mince pies and Christmas crackers.

Next month there will be a choir at the English book exchange. I think that's on the 10th December.

vkc 1384340443

There are various websites that you can order from and have the goods delivered over here. The one I used to use where you could actually order goods from different UK supermarkets then have them shipped over is up for sale at the moment so they have suspended deliveries for the time being. As soon as they have a buyer it will be up and running again.


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Hi  -   I miss basic UK baked beans and tea bags !!  Easily bought here but at a great expense -   so I wait for friends visiting in cars and they dont mind bringing a dozen tins .    

Hi Collywobbles -   are you close to Puivert -    there is a new small brewery opened and proving to be very popular -   he is on the main road .    Could be a nice distraction from your usual tipple !!  

Also ask around -   there used to be a  'white van man' in Quillan -   he would take orders for peoples shopping and bring it over to cover his travelling costs.    I dont think he is there at the moment but I am sure there are others around offering this type of service

I'm off to the uk for a few days -  and will be bringing back several packets of tea bags -  you cant beat a good brew !!!       Carol xx

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You should get all ypu need.

flareth 1444124739 will deliver English shopping anywhere in Europe for a small fee 


If you don't mind food passed it sell buy date at a really cheap price this is great too follow the link below

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one tip for tea drinkers - Amazon deliver my tea bags from UK - having tried different varieties and direct deliveries from Twinings and Clipper, and previously used to Waitrose or other own brands, I've settled on Clipper Organic tea.

960 bags (12 boxes) delivered for £30.78 (€45,00), good 6+ months supply for me...


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