Non Smoking?

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Are the French going to accept this "non smoking" law? How does it look in your favourite restaurant? No more smoking with an "expresso" at the "bar"? Hard to believe! Your thoughts?

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Cannot wait but pigs might fly?

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If you want to know what this is about:

Have a nice day!


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Ireland was the first country to bring in the smoking ban. A lot of people said it was NOT going to work. It did...There are scores more people now going into bars (particularly) who were not going into them in the past. It did kill the "vibe" somewhat in some pubs/bars, particularly in border areas, where a number of them actually went out of business. C'est vrai! It will work in France but it will take longer. I have lived in France for the past year and cannot go into most bars because of the smoke in them. Personally, I think that most French bars can be unbearable in terms of the amount of smoke in them even at quiet times. We will see........

Richard M. Farrelly

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I agree to sit in a bar in France is unpleasant,however with the outside cafe culture its only a problm in the winter, roll on spring.

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Whilst at a concert post Feb 1st I did chuckle at the lack of 68E fines being issued to those lighting up (this must be the same principle as the dog poo fine enforcement)! But then it is still the transitional period...

On the other hand I noticed today big huddles of office workers banished to the cold of the street to get their nicotine fix and it struck me that this is the first step towards making smoking less socially acceptable in France.

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