online food shopping in France

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does anyone know of any of the hypers do online food shopping and delivery, I looked at all the normal hypers but didn't see anything for this on thier sites, thanks in advance for any info,

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wendywj 1270836360


Geant Casino at Odysseum does.

Inno at the Polygone in MPL does.


and Leclerc at St Aunes....

Not that I've done a study on it or anything! (but great for deliveries when you are very pregnant...

Alex S.-482911 1270847800

The new Giant at Odysseum offers free delivery on orders over €100 in the Montpellier area. Inno also deliver, but you have to pay for it.
It seems that Carrefour are lagging a bit though. They deliver in other areas of France, but not here yet.

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