Oranges amere / seville oranges

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Hi.My yearly search for sevilles / amere is on. Has anybody seen any yet in Carcassonne area? Tina

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falcomille 1265468610

Hi Tina. Boiught my Sevilles last week in Lezignan and made my marmalade! There is a little greengrocers where the market usually is on a wednesday, opposite the Mairie. If you ask her for "bitter" oranges (they do not know about Sevilles) she will point you to a box of ugly, knarled fruit - them's the ones! Make excellent marmalade too!
Good luck!


Volnay41 1265560145

Hi bought mine from the market at Espereza last Sunday, you just need to ask any grocer if they do not have any in they will probably get the in for you.

The Abbotts-482694 1265660356

Thanks for both your replies. I hadn't actually thought of asking my local shop...despite them being my neighbours!! I'll do it asap. Also thanks for the tip on Lezignan, will try at the weekend if I can't get them more locally.


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