Philadelphia Cheese

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Hi, can anybody tell me if you can buy the above cheese or is there a french equivalent. Many thanks.

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skiddy-483028 1254868911

Where are you oliver boy ? I have seen it in a few of the supermarkets around Carcassonne

oliverboy640 1254870430

Thanks for your reply. I live near perpignan, what supermarkets have you seen it in??

tommy-488388 1254871309

Hi - Lidl sell St Moret (and other supermarkets) which is a cream cheese similar to Philly, also at Rivesaltes Leader Price sell their own brand of cream cheese.

oliverboy640 1254871951

Many thanks, rock on!!

griselda-484131 1254923958

If you go over to Spain sometimes, I think they have it in the big Carrefour on the road out of Figueres towards Roses ( you need to go towards Gerona on the big road that runs around the east side of Figueres, and then take the Roses turning. Same road as Decathlon but a bit further on.)

Coopers-494201 1285179997

I have Philadelphia at 300g is 4.50 euro

Malcolm Cooper

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