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Hi, Does anyone know of anywhere in the Carcassonne area that sells Quorn please? Many thanks

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perrypaws 1436476894

Hello I suppose each to his own but if you really must use a substitute and I hear that it can be quite tasty then look up on the list of Supermarkets and groceries in the Directory on this site. Bon appetit

soope-486241 1436515302

thank you perrypaws

Chef-492743 1436568361

I have seen it at Intermarche 

soope-486241 1436604831

thank you Chef i will investigate

sallywigmore 1436782193

Possibly the Bio coop (Tournesol), off the roundabout by Geant.

I forgot to look last time I was there.


soope-486241 1436862607

thank you Sally

perrypaws 1436913265

Hi soope. As a matter of interest did you ever find some Quorn? I know how difficult it can be when you really need something and just can't find it.We were the same with pickled beetroot. It was always a case of asking friends who were driving down to bring some and then suddenly Hey Presto it turned up in a local Supermarket. Happy Bunnies.

soope-486241 1436949619

Yes we found some in a Bio shop thank you my neice will be happy when she comes to stay !!

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