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Could anyone recommand a nice and quiet restaurant in the comedie area in montpellier? Thanks!

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Yes definitly worth trying: le palais des anges; I will get you the address.

Just ask for a "croustillant poire-chocolat" and you will talk to the angels!

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A good restaurant in Montpellier in the Comedie area.....St. Roch...L'Escalier. Superbe French fare....a really nice "patron" ...and staff...try the Duoi de Canard...for two pluas wine the region of 50 Euros...wher I come from (Dublin, Ireland) would cost in the region of 120. Bon appetit!...


Richard M. Farrelly

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RE: restaurant L'escalier....It is just a few yards form Fitzpetrick's Irish Bar. (Sorry...never been there but I use it as a landmark. R.

Richard M. Farrelly

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