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Can anyone recommend one or two interesting places to wine and dine, or perhaps the perfect spot for a coffee? My partner and i are looking for interesting and special places to help us in our search for some seasonal employment. Thankyou Rebecca

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JenClif 1241270444

Which area are you interested in?

Rebecca b-489560 1241274842


We are open to all locations, currently living in Tarn et Garonne and happy to relocate to find work. We have extensive experience in hospitality, managing restaurants jointly and independantly in the u.k (Manchester, London and Cornwall) but are fully aware how difficult it is to find any work in the current climate. Open to all opportunities, any recommendations would be really helpful.

Many thanks,


guepier-490687 1242068978

Most of the seasonal positions are usually filled by now .... I am confused about your posting , the nice places to wine and dine or have a coffee may not be suitable to look for work .... I suggest you find a location and then go door to door to look for work , there are many folk out there looking , are you in the system .... sometimes it's being in the right place at the right time .... bon chance

Rebecca b-489560 1242075896

Hi Guepier,

We have been to various tourist hot spots, posted c.v's door to door, and the overall response is business' are holding back to see what the season brings. Employing last minute for July to September trade. We were hoping to find something a little earlier than that.

Our post may be a little confusing but it seems if you advertise yourself in jobs wanted very few people reply, so worst that could come out of this post would be to find and share some recommended venues.

Thanks for the good luck wishes,


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