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Hi, I have a friend visiting next week and I was thinking of taking her shopping and for a meal in Montpellier. The problem is that she is vegetarian and as yet I have not seen any vegetarian restaurants. Can anyone recommend one? ThanksMel

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GrannyFi 1165610754

Hi, If your vegetarian friend eats fish, then try The Salmon Shop, 5 r. de la Petite-Loge. 04 67 66 40 70 - closed Sun and Mon lunchtime, recommended to book in the Green Michelin guide.

Othrwise if its a lunchtime affair, try Simple Simon - 1 r. des. Tresoriers de France. 04 67 66 03 43. An 'English' tea room, that does lovely looking salads, soups etc and old favourits like flapjacks and scones and fruit crumble! (Also in Michelin guide)

I have noted that they don't seem to cater to much for veggies in France - perhaps that's an English thing?

Good Luck.

bo-482731 1165661283

Hi Mel, I know that there is a new magazine for Vegetarians called 'Végétariens Magazine' which you should be able to find in most tabacs. The website is Here you should be able to find some restos in Montpellier. If your French isn't up to scratch let me know maybe I'll be able to have a look for you. Hope you both enjoy your day

Melinda-482728 1165834155

Thanks for the suggestions. I shall look into them both.


kama-482833 1166960777

Whilst not very close to Montpellier, my wife and I can recommend the vegetarian restaurant at Limoux. Open lunchtimes and Fri/Sat evening and also Tues or Wed evening (and more often in Summer) but check before travelling any distance.

Do not know restaurant name or tel number but it is just off the main square in Limoux heading away from the river and is signposted. Run by a French lady who does everything.

You might be able to obtain name etc from Chamber of Commerce in Limoux or from the Vegetariens magazine email

Bonne chance!

kate et martin

alexhampshire-482114 1166968605

Tripti Kulai, 20 Rue Jaques Coeur, (just off Comedie), 0467 66 30 51. Last time I looked Mon - Sat, 12.00 - 21.30. Obviously vegetarians go to bed early!

Regards Alex
If you think that your life is boring then read this:

kalba-482801 1167261640

The Limoux resto is called La Goutine and it's in - yes, rue de la Goutine! Phone number is 04 68 74 34 07. I seem to remember that it's only open in the evening by reservation.

myla-482289 1167650559

I seem to remember there being one right next to the Maison de Heidelberg on the rue des Trésoriers de la Bourse. Right near the Virgin Record store. Unfortunately, I forgot the name but the food is good.

The other one is behind the prefecture in the (I forgot the name as well) but perhaps someone has already mentioned this one.

Also, any Creperie will be a good option. The restaurants in Antigone offer good options. There is a Middle Eastern Restaurant (falafel, humous, tabouli..). THe Japanese restaurants offer vegitarian options in their sushi. Really, being a vegitarian doesn't necessarily limit the options out there.

Good luck!

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