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Hello All, I am looking for information regarding purchasing an equity share in a existing vineyard. All advice and information is gratefully accepted. Yours sincerely Ivan Shannon

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You may want to have a look at les vignerons irlandais here:

Nice idea indeed!

Ivan Shannon 1242059345

Hi Debbie,

I have a meeting planned with Noel O'Loughin for this week in Ireland. Suppose I am looking for as many alternatives as possible before I make my decision.

Thanks for your replay.


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It is a great delight to discover a spontaneous desire to own a vineyard expressed by those more keen on the development of the land than the money it could earn On the first subject the sudy of the vine and its culture is as fascinating as history in the west is Further research into wine culture reveals links one would never suspect and indeed some fallacies continued over the centureies to frighten and perturb the drinkers of the world but all cultures have created a bogeyman As for the wealth angle take it from me that richness will never be the end result of your investment in vines not even short time wealth not even in the medium term Any investment in wine where money makes more money must rely on a idiot down the line Either someone is too greedy and charges more for their wine either they create folkloristic references to a certain wine and maintain its good reputation or they cut the wine with something else In all the wine trade , its offshoots and its benefactors all benefit from the blindness of reason We drink because we like the stuff we like the stuff because we escape for minutes or hours and we justify it

I know because I grow the vines and have loved them or the last forty years but being from Belfast originally I should possess no deep feeling for this plant but I did, I have communicated this love of the plant to many folk not least the Irish from Dublin over the last ten years when excess money bought a few ares here in the Languedoc for those fortunate enough to have that excess . In some respects I am sorry when the evident truth comes to those I sold vines to that they are starring at years of hard work and unending toil for little reward I still consider it a duty to share my knowledge with those who went another direction but who eventually returned to a classic culture like a return to music of quality after years in the deserts of sound .

My advice to you for what it is worth, is enter into any project with the full knowledge that you will not benefit and indeed may suffer but you can even be happy in the suffering if you enjoy the drink called wine . If however you think there are investments to be had in wine I will refer you to the well known adage in historic wine culture that the second oldest profession in the world is the wine merchant and you don't need to be told the first one hopefully but they were husband and wife He sold wine and she sold what she sold.

It would be my pleasure to talk more about this subject since I have such a great love of the culture it overrides most conversations I engage in but there is discretion and I need to hold on to some of that for a plan which i am due to launch throughout the world in the weeks to come and it involves just exactly that sentiment which you seem to inwardly express namely to own something of value and take the good with the bad its no worse than a a Bermuda Investment trust or a scheme to sell double glazing in Iceland So by all means pick up the challenge and if in doubt bounce the small print around with me and I will let you into the secrets of a failed or at least a not so successful wine grower I have however the name for one label which will be called O'Niells Last Shipment and if you find the reference then you are indeed an adept in the culture of wine and a vineyard would be the least you could expect

Many regards

Peter J Finn

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hi ivor - there is an article in French Property News May edition on exactly this.

kind regards


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really interesting article from you sums up my own thoughts entirely, i've been living here since 20yrs with my French wife who is from this region ( since many generations ) and we often discuss the subject of wine production here and how it changes and what its future may hold.

Do you own a wine yard if so could you send me your address as I would very much like to meet and discuss with you ( and also buy some of your wine )

My address mail :


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