Where to find a whole ham for Christmas

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Hi folks, We are ablel to almost fully recreate an Irish Christmas here in the south of France by importing things (mince meat, cadbury's chocolate, Christmas pudding etc.) from places like Britishonlinesupermarket.com. However, there is one thing that I fail to crack year after year and that's a whole ham. I simply can't think of a way of getting it here without going to Ireland or the UK and bringing it back with me somehow. To be clear about what I am looking for... a whole ham joint, cured but not cooked. I believe I could order the correct piece of raw pork (leg joint) but it wouldn't be cured and I'm wary of doing this myself (we'll have guests for Christmas and I don't want to experiment too much ). The closest I can come is jarret or palette but these cuts simply don't do it for me - I want the real deal. Anyone any ideas? I'm willing to travel. Cheers, Jody

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Have you tried



We have had some of their bacon and gammon and it was lovely!


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Google into JOHN PRICE Butcher in France. you should find what you are looking for


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Thanks all.

@ Vacancesthezan: Thanks for this - sounds like he can provide what I'm after - just waiting for him to get back to me to see if there's a collection point near me - I live near Nimes.

@ Valwat: I've been in touch with John and he can definitely do it. The only concern is that the latest delivery date would be 1st Dec. It is vacuum packed but nonetheless, I'm concerned that near 1 month in the fridge would be a little too close to the limit - what do people think?

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Hi Jody,

For sstoring food, this link is very useful:


Enjpy your ham!



di11on 1415615510

Thanks Kate,

I actually came across this but the closest to what I am getting would be:

Cured Ham, cook-before-eating; uncooked

5 to 7 days or “use-by” date*

 But it doesn't sound like this is for a vacuum packed, cured, uncooked product, for which I don't see any guidance!

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Hi again Jody,

Is the meat previously frozen,? If not, then freezing sounds like your best option.


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