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Hi there......would anyone be able to help me on a query that I have please. I just wanted to know if anyone knew who was in charge of getting a market stall for the sat pezenas market as I wanted to do a food stall. I wanted to also know how much the pitch was please. Yr help would be greatly appreciated! Nina Bhudiya

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Hi we live 4 months of every year near Pezenas surrounded by amazing wineries. We return to New Zealand in September. Our daughter gets married next April and we want to ship a lot of our favourite French wines (still and sparkling) back for the wedding. I've never done this before and with 120 guests we are talking about a reasonable amount of wine. Could anyone give me any advice on this or point me in the right direction for english speaking shippers nearby who can arrange this? Cheers

started by: Ravensk1 · last update: 1407174353 · posted: 1407067828

i am catering for a large number of people and wondered if anyone knows where I can buy whipping cream and what it is called in France ? 

started by: collywobbles-921222 · last update: 1404150869 · posted: 1404150869

Does anybody know of a distribution company which will take deliveries from UK supermarkets and deliver down here. I live near Pezenas

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Hi all A while ago a flyer from a whole-seller near Narbonne offering bulk-buy meat cuts was part of our weekly drop of brochures. I am unable to locate this outlet. Can anyone help, please ?

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We have a holiday home in Neffies, Herault. My husband has just been diagnosed with coeliac disease.  Has anyone found gluten free products in the supermarkets or restaurants in the area i.e. Pezenas, Roujan, Beziers?

started by: sandals-483978 · last update: 1398109715 · posted: 1360133799

There used to be a shop in Capestang selling speciality food from the area. Think they produced in Capestang and this was the outlet. Is it still around and if so where is it. thank you    

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Hi, Can anyone recommend  a good seafood restaurant near marseillan plage please? Thank you.

started by: w8cko · last update: 1373818371 · posted: 1373466798

I'm looking for a caterer / chef to prepare a meal at our home for my wife's Birthday party on Friday 19th July. Does anyone know of anybody or company that might be able to help?!

started by: Kazlebazle · last update: 1373291532 · posted: 1372935766

Hi, Does anyone know where I can buy almond milk. I have seen soya milk, but I am specifically looking for almond milk. Thanks in advance Karen

started by: kerryrichard · last update: 1364023696 · posted: 1363766416

I'm a long way from the French supermarkets, so can anyone tell me if I can buy bamboo shoots in France? Canned or frozen, either will do. Most grateful for replies!

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Can anyone recommend a chef to cook local produce during the summer for holiday guests at a domain near Castelnaudary that I look after. Please contact Angela - angelahopelason@gmail.com

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Hi Folks, im looking to order a couple of cases of Kraft Dinner, does anyone know where i could get and delivery to Narbonne area? THanks for any assistance   -Andrew

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we are staying in saint cyprian plage in june and wondered if anyone can recomend good restaurants in and around that area/perpignan, we are looking for reasonably priced restaurants and dont mind driving for a good place

started by: Fiona(50) · last update: 1361207505 · posted: 1360429884

Got 20 for dinner soon, mixture french and english, anyone got any good recipes for starters that i can prepare in advance,  and then cook in oven, and thats easy to plate up. looked on loads of food sites but nothing rocks my boat, looking for something simple but tasty, hot or cold.

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A couple of our olive trees have really big drupes but after the wind and rain they are starting to fall off, the small olives for making oil are not ready yet but I would like to pick and prepare these large drupes for eating.  Does anyone have a simple recipe on preparing olives for eating as an aperatif.  All the methods I have read seem very involved which isn't really feasable for a small quantity. 

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Hi Got a friend and his pregnant wife over to stay at the moment. She has got the munchies for a kebab (yes i know!!) does anyone know of anywhere in the Carcassonne area that she can satiate this strange craving.   Many thanks

started by: KevinH-491943 · last update: 1343131152 · posted: 1265810442

Hi all. I have been looking on the internet into several seemingly basic enough matters relating to opening a bar in France but have yet to find much guidance so I wondered if anyone might be able to help. I guess, I am asking someone who already owns a bar in France as, otherwise, the info sought could be too specific. The questions are as follows:1. From what I have read, the opening hours for a bar/café are left to the owner's discretion up to a certain universal cut-off point e.g. most normal bars (not with dancefloor) can only stay open until 01.00 (02.00 in summer). That would mean that an owner can decide to stay open up to the cut-off time or close earlier if he/she wishes. Is that correct or does the Préfecture have a role in imposing opening hours on a bar ? In particular, certain bars/cafés in France don't open at all at night time. Is that just the choice of the owner or is there a préfecture imposed restriction on the hours of those bars causing them to do that ?2. I know that a hefty duty is paid on alcohol in France. Is this duty levied on the owner of the bar when he buys his stock from his supplier or does he buy the stock from the supplier duty free and then has to account for the duty from his takings ?3. In view of probably fairly modest quantities of beers etc sold, do owners of smaller bars tend to benefit much from having ongoing exclusive tied contracts with brewers/drinks distributors or, do they tend to find it is better to purchase on a more ad hoc basis from a range of suppliers ?I am sure there are many other questions but any answers to these would appease greatly my internet frustration.Thanks very much.

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Hi there, I hope there is someone who could clarify something for me with regards to my little start up business here in France. I officially started business in my chambre/table d'hote on 1 May...I have been very slow to start and this is fine,, everything is in place officially and I am registered and above board. The thing is I have just been informed that 75% of what I serve, when I do meals, should be my own produce. I have vegetable beds and grow tomatoes, salad, potatoes etc. but don't have poultry and definitely have not produced that percentage of food for the small number of people who have dined chez moi.Despite the fact, in 2 months, I haven't even covered costs, I'm concerned I will have problems and that I shall be reported for not adhering to this. If you have a little table d'hote also and can help me understand what I need to do, I would be very grateful.Thank youCarole

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Hi all, Following the success of the Clandestine Cake Club in the UK, i am setting one up in the Carcassonne area. If you want to come along to our first gathering next month, email me: bobcarcassonne@hotmail.com The theme for the cakes will be Easter, so get your thinking caps on! Many thanks, Louise

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