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What on earth has happened to the supply of Heinz beans in Montpellier? There are big gaps on all the Supermarket shelves. I wondered whether there was a transport problem because of large amounts of snow both here and in the UK but the supply of Heinz spaghetti and tomato soup doesn't seem to have been affected.

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Hello reader let me introduce to the Dining Club. The Dining Club is something I have just started with the aim to meet people and as I like eating thought this would be a good way. It's designed as a way for people to meet once a month at different venues in the region with the sole purpose to eat, drink and enjoy good company! There are no subscriptions or fees of any kind; my only request is that people are willing to meet up regularly. That said not everyone will be able to make every dinner and people can attend as often or as little as they like; there will always be a warm welcome. I aim to reach a cross section of nationalities and hope that you will inform your friends and family who in turn will spread the word. I am hopeful that the Dining Club will grow into an international community of people who are willing to meet, eat and debate whatever interests them and above all to share their time and life experiences. The next dinner date is either 18th June or 2nd July; if you would like to come along then, please, contact me. I look forward to hearing from you. Bon Appetit Catherine

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Can anyone recommend a good restaurant that is open on a Monday Evening in Early April (Mon 2nd April) in the Marseillan, Bouzigues, Meze, Adge area? We are treating ourselves to a night away in Marseillan and would like to go somewhere good for dinner. I appreciate that Monday is often a difficult day for restaurants being open! Thanks x

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Hi, This will be our first Christmas in France. We currently live in a very small apartment with poor cooking facilities. Does anyone know of any restaurants or hotels offering a Christmas day meal - preferably in the centre of Montpellier? Have not been able to find anyone advertising such a thing.Thanks in advance

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Where can I buy Dortmunder Union Beer in cans/botts. near Pont St. Esprit, (Gard). They only stock the 5l cans in our local Intercave and you are supposed to drink it in a day.?! Thanks

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Hi all, Was watching the TV programme Little England this week they had a man delivering goods from the UK, does anyone know of this person or another who delivers near Toulouse or surrounding areas. And how do you go about registering your cards in a UK supermarket, if your an ex-pat? Thanks to all who answer

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Hello there, Does anyone know where I can buy prepared/dressed crab meat? I have tried supermarkets, fishmongers etc.to no avail. The one product I was sold as "chair de crabe" was more like surimi, although in a jar, and not at all like crab meat as I know it. I do not want to buy live crab and do it myself! I am in the Pezenas / Beziers area, but go to Montpellier fairly regularly. Thanks for your help.

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A French friend tells me she preserves tomato purée/sauce in jars with salicylic acid added (1gm to 1kg of tomatoes). Apparently it's a well known method in the south and pharmacies sell 1gm sachets of it for adding to the tomatoes. Has anyone else come across this and, if so, do you know if this method can be used with other cooked vegetable fruits? (ratatouille for example). Apparently it's completely tasteless and the purée doesn't have to be sterilised. Salicylic acid is also the base of aspirin products and is made from a type of willow.

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I was in the G20 at Carcassonne this afternoon and noticed they have expanded their range of British food Products, Flags up and everything. Must be for the Royal Wedding!

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My friend's 3 month old baby would like some pasturised yoghurt and she obviously doesn't want to get the wrong thing. So is all yoghurt sold in the supermarkets pasturised, as it doesn't say whether it is or not on the pots? Is organic yoghurt pasturised as well?

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We have just moved from the Var to St Bres in the Gard department. We are loving it here but my husband is nearly ready for some more english cheese. It was available in several supermarkets in the Var but so far we have not seen it here. Anyone know where he can get his daily fix of a good strong English Cheddar cheese.

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Has anybody found any cream in France which is possible to whip??? I have tried Creme Entier and semi-épaisse and very thick cream but nothing works.

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Hi I was wondering if anyone knew of a supplier of cupcakes and English style Birthday or wedding cakes in the Languedoc-Roussillon? If so, do you know their websites and / or contact details? Many thanks. Snowybabe

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Hi can anyone help me ? I live in dept 66, near Ceret.Im wanting information on Serrano Ham , a friend of mine wants to buy one of the big legs and is happy to pay but doesn't want to buy poor quality. I know they sell them all over inc the Tramontana at La Jonquera where i buy really good meat but Ive no idea what to look for or the different level of quality etc. ANyone know anything about buying Serrano and more importantly where I should buy it from ? Any help gratefully appreciated

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HI can anyone help me with my desperate search in locating a shop in the Herault that sells Cottage cheese? I'm on the Dukan diet and I don't eat meat so I'm getting bored of fish and poultry! HELP!!

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Just would like some advice which flour in France is the nearest to self raising flour. I want to bake cakes but am confused as to which flour to use. If anyone out there has advice I would be very grateful. Thank you.

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HiWe are looking for a reasonably priced Restaurant in the Carcassonne / Castelnaudary area to celebrate a very special event. Anyone have experience of a good one?

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Just returned from the Lot area and sampled meat products from this butcher he will be delivering down in this area ie Carcassonne Arles and Pezenas area. Excellent quality Beef from Ireland and Lamb from Wales ,also bacon, pies, bbq packs and sausages Look at the website and e mail for prices slightly cheaper if enough people are interested. www.johnpricebutcher.com

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Help! we have run out of Tetleys tea bags. Does anybody know of anywhere of anywhere selling them in the Castelnaudary area?

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Hello Can anyone recommend a chef that specialises in local french cuisine that would come into a home to cook. We live near Olonzac Thanks

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