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Good afternoon. Does anyone know of any English foodshops or supermarkets in the Pezenas area? Preferably selling some fresh and/or bio products? Doesnt have to be in the town, somewhere wihin an easy drive would be equally good. If they have a website all the better however they must have a shop as I dont want internet based only. Many thanks

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Due to rising costs here in France & a familywho miss English foodstuffs etc, I have decided to revert to Tesco, Sainsburys etc and get my shopping sent over (this does not include frozen foodstuffs) Is anyone interested in ordering along with me , and sharing the cost of delivery? Please feel free to email me with any queries Carol

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HiWe have recently been doing the Dukan diet with success in England can anyone tell me where to purchase oat bran whilst in the Beziers area?

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Can anyone recommend some nice restaurants in Carcassonne. I have got some family coming to stay so am looking for both child friendly reasonably priced places and perhaps something a bit more special that my brother and his wife can go to whilst I look after the children. I don't mind if they are in La Cite or the main town.Thanks

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We are looking for a caterer for our son's wedding at the beginning of June. He wants it to be a simple, cold buffet, reasonably priced as we've already found someone to do a pig! I've looked at several sites but their menus are very elaborate.Any suggestions?Lorna Westcott11200 Boutenac

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Went to the tourist office today and noted restos open for New Year's Eve in and around Uzes. Millezime Le Jardin Des Oliviers La Taverne No Comment Le Castella

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Does anyone know which restaurants in the Uzes area will be open for new year's eve? We tried asking a few in town the other day but no luck. Don't really fancy the drive to Avignon and back after a couple of lemonades.........

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Can anyone tell me if it is possible to buy suet (beef or vegetarian both ok) for making mincemeat etc here in France, and if so, is it called anything other than graisse de rognon. Many thanks.

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Does anyone know of anywhere to eat Christmas Dinner/Lunch between Rocamadour and we are staying the night in Carcassone? I am travelling with a special friend from Australia and would like to know where we could stop for lunch on Christmas Day. I live in Normandy France, not familiar with the Languedoc-Roussillon region. Also any must see Christmas places around Carcossone too would be great. Thankyou in advance and Bonne Noel Marilyn Le Chateau, Fontenay Normandy 50140

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I am looking to buy a traditional English Christmas cake..decorated! Does anyone know where I can find one? Thanks....Richard

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I have a bread machine (English) but in the 2 years we have been here I have yet to find a really satisfactory white bread flour to produce good basic white bread. I have tried just about any flour I have seen but the bread does not come out remotely like I used to make in UK- I have tried the UK recipes and the french recipes but to no avail. This is not to say I cant make nice bread in the machine but its not the same. Can anybody suggest a flour and/or recipe? preferably a product I can buy easily. Thanks in advance Mrs Jimbo

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Does anyone know if the restaurant L'Horloge in St Quentin is still open? Searched but their website doesn't come up any more. Alternatively can anyone recommend a great restaurant within a half hour of Uzes? Many thanks, Alison

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This year I would like an all inclusive Christmas Break somewhere in France. Any experience and/or suggestions from Forum members would be welcome. May be to narrow it down, not too far from Toulouse. Margrit

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Does anyone know of a good restaurant that has music on Saturdays in the Agde area because I want to take some friends out this Saturday? We don't mind travelling as long as it is not too far, Sete is a No No. Thanks

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Does anyone know of any good places to eat and drink near Limoux?Thanks

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Hello, I live in Montpellier and I am looking for nearby woods/hills to find edible mushroom, anyone can suggest where to go? Thanks!

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Can anyone recommend somewhere good for wine tasting or a local Cave that could be reached by foot or bicycle from the centre of Carcassonne?

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I do not mean to offend anyone but we are considering a move from Brittany and I am wondering whether shopping in LR is purely by purchasing from markets or if there are cheaper (if not as nice) ways of shopping such as Lidls or Aldis and so on. I obviously want to do as much research as possible on the costs of moving and food and so on. Of course if you live nearer to Spain I suppose you could always cross the border and purchase their but I would prefer to support the area I live in if I can.Thank you for your help.

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Hi all, Quick question, does anyone know if and where one can find lactose free milk in France? What is it called in french and do they sell them in normal super markets? I live in Carcassonne. Many thanks!

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HI- can anyone tell me if any of the stores sell fresh refrigerated skim milk. I can only find lait ecreme in the non refrigerated section?Thanks!

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