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Hi, can anybody tell me if you can buy the above cheese or is there a french equivalent. Many thanks.

started by: Ivan Shannon · last update: 1281029836 · posted: 1241968930

Hello All, I am looking for information regarding purchasing an equity share in a existing vineyard. All advice and information is gratefully accepted. Yours sincerely Ivan Shannon

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Hello everyone, Next week is EG's birthday (not telling you how many years old, but old enough) and have decided that I definitely need to satisfy my overwhelming sushi craving that is driving me mad! Can someone out in Angloinfo land please provide me with a reccommendation for a good, varied, Japanese restaurant in Montpellier? We'll take the train in from Beziers, so it would be very helpful if it was connected/reached by tram. Thank you everyone for your help and advice. Regards, Elise

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Hello I wonder if anyone else has noticed the effects of the current crisis as it effects the wine growers of the Languedoc and notably those who grow wine for the Cave Cooperatives. I have followed the growth of the Cooperative movement here in the Languedoc since its inception in the early party of the 1900's, to what I will describe as its demise, practically 100 years later and whilst the movement in general is still trying to maintain order against the onslaught of rentabilité, the seeming disarray of the Cave Cooperative system now appears a friendly outpost against a rising tide of profit at all costs. Events in the last few weeks in our area of the wine producing world will soon be reflected in all villages and towns whose principal activity in the past has centred around viticulture and the arrival will be quick and deadly not only for prices but also for quality and understanding. No longer will the Coops be regarded as a typical example of a way of life which was to go on forever ,now the profit and bottom line are the priordial driving forces behind those imposing structures . Some may regard the advances as part of the inevitble encroachment of bank style profits as the just desserts for hard pressed vignerons but they will be under no illusion after the recption of this weeks mail that the profit will remain in the hands of those larger groups who have been bankrolling the cash payouts since Christmas but all this comes at a cost and local control of simple events no longer resides with the local controllers who quite often were virgins in the forests of wealth Big industrial groups of producers will try to rival the unique buying powers of the supermarkets by holding out for the best prices and they should have an impact in the long term. Reasoned commerce will need to be the answer in the years to come but many growers will fall by the wayside and villages will be striven in two because growers who remain with the old sytem of exploitation will come head to head with growers whose only concern is to rasie grapes clean and so pesticide ridden the inevitable contamination and publication on the reverse of the label will cause people to stop drinking such polutants. In this forum I hope to find out the opinions of others in the same circumstances, who have an actif part in their Coop but are struggling to get a return for the effort expended. I can name at least five growers with small parcelles who will be forced to consider their possession of vineyards because ergonomically they are not able to comply with the cahier des charges imposed from an absentee landlord.If you are interested and have comments to make I would be pleased to discuss them - SaludPeter J Finn

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Hi, Does anyone know of a Chinese supermarket in/around Narbonne or Carcassonne. I've found a good one in Perpignan, purely by chance when passing, but would like one a little closer - we live in the north Corbieres. Any suggestions?

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Just watching Daily Cooks Challenge and the chef has said he's added the above , now to me what he added looked like fine French beans ? Aren't mange tout the small flat beans used in stir fry ? Do they call any young bean that can be cooked and eaten whole mange tout ?

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does anyone know of any of the hypers do online food shopping and delivery, I looked at all the normal hypers but didn't see anything for this on thier sites, thanks in advance for any info,

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Hi.My yearly search for sevilles / amere is on. Has anybody seen any yet in Carcassonne area? Tina

started by: Kenny-492616 · last update: 1265371522 · posted: 1258645169

Just had another delivery from spice of india. Excellent service. up to 27kg delivered for £8.00 48hr delivery. Lovely curry tonight. For all your indian products

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We will be in France over the New Year. Our place is half way bewteen Quillan and St Paul De F. Can anyone recommend somewhere to go on new Years Eve. We had a great time in a lovely restaurant last year but it will not be open this time around. Ideally we'd like to go somewhere that is putting on a special evening but accept there are few choices. However perhaps you know different! Thank youSue

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Planning to stay at St. Cyprien-Plage for a week over Christmas and wondered if anyone can recommend a restaurant or two that will be open at that time of year. Would there be a restaurant open on Christmas day?

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Does anyone know where one can buy a wild boar to spit roast. Anywhere in the Herault region.

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Hi, Just moved into the Roujan area and would like to know if there are any vegetarians in my area? Lorna

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Hello, Please does anyone know the name/phone number off the English owned restaurant in Argles sur Mer. Thanks.

started by: Rebecca b-489560 · last update: 1242075896 · posted: 1241105457

Can anyone recommend one or two interesting places to wine and dine, or perhaps the perfect spot for a coffee? My partner and i are looking for interesting and special places to help us in our search for some seasonal employment. Thankyou Rebecca

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Hi We have a rental property and guests are asking where they can go cheese tasting ? I know there is not too much made in the area but does any one know of any where they can go other than local markets, to try local cheese ? Thanks NBS

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The business has been built up over three years and is on target to achieve a turnover of €50,000 this year. We are now ready to sell on to someone who has the ambition and drive to not only maintain this business at its present level with 12 outlets but to expand it into a growing market. Serious interested parties are invited to telephone for an appointment to discuss further details of the sale. Tel. no. 04 68 40 97 11

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Cinderella shall go to the operetta in the next few days. She would prefer somewhere modern, will have car, so can travel somewhere nearby, coming from Montpellier. Thanks for any suggestions! Deirdra

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Has anybody found a supermarket that sells Sherry ( Jerez Dulce or Seco) in the Beziers/Pezenas area? Yes, we do know we can easily get it over the border in Spain but why is there an embargo on French supermarkets selling it?St John

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Are there any restaurants open for Christmas Day lunch in the Perthus/Figueras/North Costa Brava areas????

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