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We are visiting friends in pezenas soon and would like to try a restaurant called Vinipolis (vinopolis?) in Florensac. Has anyone tried it before? Any recommandation? I guess we can also buy some bottles there?

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Does anyone know of restaurants in the alberes area that are open Xmas day for lunch??

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Hi there Do you miss your curry? Have a look at the link below The meals are frozen and delivered without rice I have heard nothing but praise about this outfit You may know them as Mr Dave's in the UK www.curryinvasion.com de l'Isle

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Appreciate it if anyone knows a hotel/restaurant anywhere in the Languedoc region doing a Christmas Day traditional lunch, or even a hotel offering a package over Christmas Eve-Boxing Day.

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Hi there. Can anyone help me track down the contact details for a wine we have been given. Cote Du Rhone Villages - S.A.T. 34370. That is all the detail we can take off the label. Thank you. regards LeighLeigh Butcher

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Yesterday I had my first new year coffee in my local bar. many of my old friends who frequent the bar where in attendance plus two of our occasional visitors from the Municipal Police. almost everybody was smoking! I enquired as to the legality of smoking, a friend replied that the smoking ban was for cities and large towns, "here in Languedoc we have our own rules" he replied. Another friend commented that I should be aware that French laws are broken frequently because everybody knows they are only written to appease the European Parliament! "Vive la France!"

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Having just read a very amusing response to someone's recent question about 'where can I find Southern Comfort' - answer: 'drive to Spain to buy it' I am very aware the answer to my own question could get a similar response. However, I'll try and be more specific, here goes: Can I buy Sherry in France for my trifle? I've looked in almost every supermarket in Gard for this stuff. Being next door to Spain I thought (my incorrect pre-conceived thinking once more) I would be able to obtain it easily. The shelves are full of every kind of Port which I didn't expect (see above) to find. As this is our first Christmas we thought our only British contribution to our food festivities would be a trifle, but it wouldn't be quite the same without Sherry. Any ideas about a Sherry source in the Gard or French Sherry substitutes eagerly awaited? all a bit new to me

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Hi, I was told (and have forgotten) of a restaurant in Marseillan which produced a decent meal at a fare price - which one was it? Thanks Mike

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Does anyone know where I can buy the above South Africa products? I live near Beziers but frequently visit Montpellier, Nimes, Narbonne, Perpignan. It would be worth the trip to find these products.

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Hi There, Just wanted to inform people i have discovered a good English 'Fish & Chip shop' in Argeles town. Myself and my family were over there for a weeks holiday in late August and discovered it totally by accident. I thought it would be good to get the word around for the people who own this newly opened chippy, as all you see out is Restaurants or Pizza parlours, and its very rare to see THIS in France!! As we were driving back towards St Cyprien, my son shouted from the back of the car 'STOP MUM- THERE'S A ENGLISH FISH AND CHIP SHOP'. I immediately turned around and pulled up to go and ask if they were open, and to our delight they were. Even though it was quite pricy, just for the one meal we have not had for many years, and we really did enjoy what he cooked for us.It was worth paying for, and it is cooked to order, so it is nice and fresh. The shop is called 'PISCIES' and it is near the main centre of Argeles, on the way out of Argeles towards St. Cyprien, it is on the right hand side, set back off the road with green boards and signs. If you find it? Enjoy- Bon appetite !!Mary B.

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I'm doing a little research into great local wine and food marriages. Do you know of a great combo? I would love to hear from you - and if it is a particularly esoteric dish, could you please include a recipe.While Sauternes is always quoted as being perfect with Roquefort - they are hardly a local pairing. I hope you can help,Many thanks,Ianrenovated water mill for salewww.south-west-france-property.com

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Hi We live on the LR/MP border and so I look on both forums. I have seen on one of them, don't know which, details of wholesalers of veggie food in and around Limoux and Carcassonne. For some reason I can not find the details again now we are ready to stock up our freezer with some food that I can eat. Can anybody please help? I am desperate. We have been here 3 months and as much as I love cheese of all kinds I'd love to stock up on a variety of veggie foods as all the family will eat it and then I don't need to make separate meals as much. I did buy some Quorn chicken pieces in a nearby town , but they cost 6.60 Euros, which seemed extortionate, though I have nothing to compare the cost to. I know I should expect to pay a higher price for the cost of transporting etc. and my other half says I should just start eating meat if it is going to be so expensive(Joking), but has anybody got any good veggie recipes or places I can buy veggie food. Do any of the supermarkets have a section. Surely there are French vegetarians!!?? Aren't there? Thanks Sarah Marmalade

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Any recommendations? Unfortunately my ability to choose a good restaurant seems a bit hit and miss at the moment. I've been to some very expensive and not very good places and some not too expensive places that have been very good indeed. I've recently discovered Le Bouchon Saint Roch and keep going back but I'd like to try somewhere new again. Does anyone know any other, reasonably priced, places that serve good food and cold wine? (",)

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I am posting here for a friend staying in Carcassonne - Anyone out there can tell him where to find Marmite? He says there is no way, please help me win my bet! Cheers!

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Can anybody recommend a good restaurant (not too expensive) in the centre of Montpellier or around Castlnau le lez. Having just moved to montpellier we are a little lost as to where to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Thanks in advance

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I am trying to get some social events running for French Scene in the Gard and Herault and would like to organise an informal family picnic day, probably on a Sunday. In terms of the venue it should be somewhere free, with a large, safe outside space where we can picnic and kids of all ages can play, kick a ball around etc.. in a fairly central location so as many people as possible can come along. If anyone has any suggestions I'd be very grateful! Thanks

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Does anybody know of a good Indian Restaurant in Perpignan or in the region? not the high standard one, a simple nice Indian restaurant, please.

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Can anyone give me an easy recipe for Creme Catalane? Just had one from a restaurant and it was gorgeous!

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Can anyone recommend a restaurant where you can get an English roast dinner with Yorkshire puddings in or around Montpellier? I normally would not miss it but my kids are asking!

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A little while ago, someone asked about Veggie restaurants in Montpellier. Whilst on a recent visit, we came across this one which looked nice and staff were friendly and bi-lingual! Tripti Julai, Restaurant vegetarien, 20, rue Jacques Coeur, 34000 Montpellier. Tel 04 67 66 30 51. Also same people, Snack vegetarien, 3 Rue Massillian, 34000 Montpellier and lastly Tripti Kulai magasin bio et naturel: epicerie, pain produits frais traiteur complements alimentaires comptoir de boissons bio Espace bien-etre, librairie, cosmetique, articles naturels, senteurs et musiques de la nature. 22 rue Bernard Delicieux, (angle rue Substantion) Tel: 0467 79 23 97. Ouvert du lundi au samedi, de 9h a 13 h et de 15h a 19h. - Not far from the Corum tram station. (Details from their card - my french isn't that good!) Bon Appetite! Cheers

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