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Are the French going to accept this "non smoking" law? How does it look in your favourite restaurant? No more smoking with an "expresso" at the "bar"? Hard to believe! Your thoughts?

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I don't know if I just drank too much wine at lunch time... No actually, I do know that because I keep pressing the wrong keys; And I can't focus on all the little letters… However, I've just made myself the most delicious sandwich I've had since I moved to France and I'm proud enough about it to want to share it with others. I feel that I've made good use of French ingredients whilst sticking with a respected traditional English recipe of bacon and eggs. So, here is my recently discovered and soon to make me rich and famous recipe. Serves 2 people. But you might want more. Hard boil 4-6 eggs depending on how greedy you feel. Take 2 frozen baguettes (about 20 cents each) a put them into a hot oven for 10 mins. Fry up one packet of lardons (bacon pieces) and put to the side to cool. Peel the eggs and put them into a bowl for mashing. Add a fair quantity of Camembert and a little crème fraiche. If you haven't got camembert, Brie will probably do just as well. Or any other mild, creamy cheese. Add the bacon pieces (lardons) and mix thoroughly. Remove the bread from the oven, slice into 2 parts and spread the mixture liberally over each side. Serve immediately. To garnish you may choose to add a few slices of tomato with a little basil. Enjoy (",) (",)

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Could anyone recommand a nice and quiet restaurant in the comedie area in montpellier? Thanks!

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Hi, I have a friend visiting next week and I was thinking of taking her shopping and for a meal in Montpellier. The problem is that she is vegetarian and as yet I have not seen any vegetarian restaurants. Can anyone recommend one? ThanksMel

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Hey Does anyone know what the best meat is to eat on Christmas day? What wine is best with it? My girlfriend wanted to do turkey but I am not sure whether that's a traditional Christmas dish in France. Anyone know?

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How many of you long for a decent curry, we have discovered a rather nice Indian restaurant in Lunel.it is called Le Palais des Roses. This is the closest we have come to finding an Indian restaurant in France that serves curry's like we used to get in England. Don't get me wrong I adore the French food but do occasionally long for something a little spicy. Ask for the hot sauce to accompany your curry, it is dynamite. It is reasonably priced and the service is very good. http://www.palaisdesroses34.com

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Anyone know where I can buy it or alternatively how to make it?

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I was back in england a couple of weeks ago and i indulged in my favourite little treat of a portion of fish and chips! I thought it was a real shame there's nowhere to buy any in the region, i wouldn't even mind travelling a little while to find them (up to two hours from carcassone on a weekend)! Does anybody have any ideas? Is there nobody wanting to buy and open a good old fashioned "chippy" in the area? tinks

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Can anyone recommend a restaurant for a family lunch this weekend. Preferably we'd like somwhere with a terrace and within 30 minutes drive of Nimes.

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I work in a small office (it's really lovely!) and i normally bring a salad for my lunch, I am getting a bit bored of this has anyone got any ideas for brightening up my lunchtime. We have no cooking facilities, just a toaster and a kettel. Many thanks in advance for the suggestions! Bon Appétit!

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OK, the first question - where will I find Ginger Wine, an English favourite in the Garde, preferably somewhere near Nimes?

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Does anyone have a recommendation for a restaurant for this Sunday at lucnhtime. We will be a group of all ages and a few small children. About 12 in all.

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Need a good restaurant to impress a new young lady (or thats what my Mum would call her). Nothing too pricey, student budget but good food and great wine please. Central if poss.

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