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Hi, I’m looking to move to Languedoc area in the new year 2021, travel restrictions allowing of course. I want to rent an unfurnished property to start to get used to the change and determine where exactly I’d like to settle. I’d like a 3 or 4 bed house in good repair with secure garden for approx a year, maybe longer depending on circumstances. I’d prefer not too isolated, somewhere with good community and ability to socialise (when kid starts again!) while not being too in each other’s pockets. I have a very well behaved puppy too, hence secure garden.  I’d also like somewhere undercover to park motorbike and good broadband is a must for work. I know, a lot to ask but if anyone knows of or has a suitable property that might fit the bill i’d be really appreciative if you could get in touch. Many thanks. A

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I have had a contract with Teleconnect (Budget Telecom & now Mint) for over 12 years for their AngloPack. the phone and internet connection failed on May 8th and was not restored until mid-June. I was unable to contact them by phone or email with the provided contact details and moved my contract to SFR at approximately ⅓ the price. I cancelled my contract in June in the prescribed way and returned the Router. They still keep sending me invoices with their phone number to contact to discuss and never is there any one to speak to let alone leave a message. Does anyone have a similar experience or even know of a phone number/email where you can actually contact someone.

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Does anybody please have a contact for an english speaking internet installer / system repairer in the perpignan area, who can also set up sky systems. We dont have broadband access, just old school telephone line, and we need a system that can serve our full property. Our old guy , stephen from digitv has gone back to uk, and were stuck here with our internet & Sky tv not working properly, and the kids are driving us MAD !... please help. Asap

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Hi, We have some furniture & personal belongings that need transporting from the Pyrenees Orientales to Essex in the UK, around back end of March/early April 2020 ideally, tbc.It needs to be a good sized vehicle [larger than transit van] maybe crafter/sprinter/luton size, or similar with a trailer, I could help load/unload if dates are correct.Please contact :- 0044 1787 463 288 or e mail:-stuinfrance@aol.com with any recommendations or interested parties.

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Hi, We heard there was a lady who sells English books in Lamalou market. We've been a few times but she never seems to be there. We have several books we want to give her - does anybody know when or where she goes?

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Hi does any one know of a company or individual who will transport a woodburner stove from Aude to Scotland.....north of england Thanks

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Hello everyone. Though not officially an expat in France, I am currently going backwards and forwards between the UK and Ginoles. I am trying to relocate over there and need a job. I speak fluent English, Spanish and Portuguese and basic French and have office management as well as translation experience. I wonder if anyone has contacts or knows of a local newspaper where jobs are posted? Ideally looking for work in areas of Quillan, Limoux, Carcassonne or anywhere within an hour of Ginoles.. I realise it isn't easy to find work in some of these areas but I am open to suggestions. Je vous remercie infinitement. :) 

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Hello there, My name is Olivia. I live in nimes with my husband and 1 year old girl. If anyone needs any help etc please contact me. Airport runs etc. Don’t hesitate. I am fluent in French and have been living here for a good 15 years now. Also any parents with children the same ages would be fantastic to meet up! Speak soon! Olivia 

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Hello,We are an English couple looking to rent a house with a garden, for 6months/year maybe more while we get to know the area and house hunt ourselves.If anyone can help here, it would be very much appreciated.Thanks 

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Hi found a collection of stamps does anyone know where I can  get them valued thanks

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What on earth has happened while we have been away. Has everyone gone home?

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Does anyone live around here with children? I have two children 5 and 10 and we are back here for a while. They really would love some friends for them asap. Anybody?

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Does anybody please have a contact for an english speaking internet installer / system repairer in the perpignan area, who can also set up sky systems. We dont have broadband access, just old school telephone line, and we need a system that can serve our full property. Our old guy , stephen from digitv has gone back to uk, and were stuck here with our internet & Sky tv not working properly, and the kids are driving us MAD !... please help

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Hi peeps,I know a lot of you fine people are now living in France, but do you sometimes get homesick and miss the great English weather lol ? Have you ever thought it might be nice to have a little bolt hole for when you want to visit the family. We are a lovely friendly park in Kent. We are opposite golden sandy beaches and back onto a beautiful nature reserve which boasts endless amounts of wild flowers and bird watching is a favourite with our owners.Our Holiday homes start from just £15.995 , We have 2 and 3 bedrooms in stock with choices of double glazing and central heating.  For more information please email me on anne.white@parkdean-resorts.com I look forward to hearing from you but for now "bonne journee"  

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This used to be a great networking site for us in the Aude! Where is everyone?But Im hearing people feel like they need to be on FB to be part of things - its the same comparison as community spirit and city living.I know which I preferPinch yourselves, here is real life :)

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Hi, we are considering moving to Limoux (once we sell our home in UK) and wondered if anyone could give us any advice on living costs? Not so much food and petrol, but all the other bills. Thanks 

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Are there any in or around Pezenas and Beziers (and surrounding areas) please.  I'm not looking for lessons just informal meet up groups.  Many thanks

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Does anyone know of any charity shops plus their addresses that take clothing? Carcassonne area or Narbonne area. Having a clear out and would like them to go to a good cause  thanks 

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Just putting some feelers out - can anyone recommend Englsih speaking removals or 2 men with large van for potential removals from Aude to South England?

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In April I shall be travelling from my new home in Barjac toManchester. I am taking an empty trailer with which I shall later return withmore of our own household furnishings and equipment. The trailer and /or therear of my Renault Grand Scenic is available should a forum member need to sendsome items to the UK. This would be helpful to me to share the burden of mytravel cost. I will start the journey on the 2nd April with anovernight stop before catching the Zeebrugge to Hull ferry on 3rdApril. Arrival in Hull and delivery to North of England would be Wednesday 4thApril. The trailer is new with a cover that has proved to be waterproof.I am a retired Police Officer, I would need to examine thegoods before sealed in any packaging and a signed statement / disclaimer wouldbe neccesary Car trailer twin axle8'7"x4'2" 750kg NEPTUN trailer     Overall Internal Length: 3.78m/12'4" Length: 2.63m/ 8'7" Width: 1.81m/5'11" Width: 1.29m/4'2"  Payload: 536kg Height side:40cm/1'3"+top cover 120cm/3'11" Gross Weight: 750kg Weight trailer: 214kg  Graham Wilson

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