What's great about the Pyrénées-Orientales, folks?

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A quirky question for you...If you're based in the Pyrénées Orientales, do you fancy sharing your reasons for choosing to live here?I'm a freelance features writer and I'd love to find out what made you choose this area above others. I'm based in Brittany, so I  know from experience that living in an area is very different from simply visiting.The piece I'm researching is actually about property and relocation, but I'd prefer to include direct experience to add another dimension to the article. For example, what's it like off-season or which aspects of life in south-east France are different from how you expected. What do you still love best?If you're happy to be featured in a longer section explaining how you found your property and have your photo in the piece, feel free to let me know. If you run a business, I'll give it a mention. Many thanks in advance to anyone happy to spare a few moments to contribute,Liza

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Hi Liza

Will put something together for you.

Spent 12 years in Brittany then moved to SW France i.e.Pyrenees-Orientales.  Searched around before we decided on where we are - if you are interested let me know?  Sue

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Hi Sue,

Yes, that would be brilliant, thank you so much. Even in a property article, it's just really helpful to give readers a flavour of the region from someone with direct experience, not just from visiting but from living there all year round. Even better if you've lived in another part of France as you can give me a direct comparison. Sounds great! : )

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