When is a toilet not a toilet!

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I have just returned from one of my regular trips to the Aude. The public toilets if open were at best, terrible! At Leucate plage, toilets locked.At Franqui plage, toilets open but the water turned off!!! please imagine!!!At Aigues Morts lots of tourists, toilets locked in the middle of the afternoon!!!We had friends with us, which made it more embarrassing.Is this the norm!!

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France has no money.

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Would recommend that you talk with the local mairie rather than spend your time moaning about it on here. Maybe they will make steps towards sorting it out.

I once popped into a mairie in Brittany to complain about the state of the local wc as I had used the same one a few times over a coupke of years and it never got better,and a couple of weeks later,I got to see a huge improvement with them being cleaned and the light bulbs working.

They need to know that there is a problem so they can fix it,and dare I say-there may be a lazy worker in the commune who is not doing his/her job well !!

ValDa (Aude) 1512331310

Most people in France pop into a restaurant, bar, or cafe to use their toilets. Generally they don't seem to mind, and I've never seen notices saying Ces toilettes sont réservées aux clients (These toilets are for the use of customers only)

We live in a small village in the Aude, which has three public toilets.  All of them, including a 'composting toilet' down by the plan d'eau are kept very clean.  However if the weather is very cold then the water may be turned off to prevent freezing leading to burst pipes.

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