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I am intrigued as to where we are all speaking from so...I shall start...I live in Roujan...No more info required! Where do you live. Let's see how far afield we are.

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I see there are lots of very knowledgable people on this forum, i'm guessing it comes from years and years of experience on living in france! I've been here this time for three months (since christmas!) but previously have done "seasonal" work on the Riviera during my summer holidays from university and studied for a year in Clermont Ferrand (for my sins!). I've found every time different in terms of the permits, bank accounts, documentation I've needed! How many years does it take to become au fait with everything, and how close are you to reaching this goal?  

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OK-Here goes. I am currently in Normandy and planning to relocate to Brittany. HOWEVER, before I take the plunge, can anyone advise me of the benefits of the Languedoc region? My husband needs to be near an airport that has flights to London and I have a 10 year old son who will be starting college in September.  Any info greatly appreciated.       amanda

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We are considering planting a small patch of vegetables. We would, ideally, like to grow carrots, lettuce, green beans and some melons. I understand that parsnips do not do well here. Does anyone have experience of growing these vegetables. Are we being somewhat ambitious or does this list sound a feasible crop?

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I'm looking for a piano teacher for a beginner(ish) - Adult, near Ales / Uzes / Nimes. Pref. someone who teaches jazz piano. Does anybody know anyone - or anywhere where I can find a list of teachers? Thanks

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Where could we find an Easter Sunday church service in English? We wil have our family with us so perhaps with an element for the younger child.

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Hi everyone, I wondered if anyone has any infomation regarding a new law that is in progress. When we bought our small orchard the notaire was at pains to point out that we could not erect a structure on the land or put a mobile home on it, "but",  he said "there is a law being passed and then you will be able to put a mobile on it"  this was two years ago,can anyone enlighten as to if anything has happened, thankyou barbi

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I have recently moved to France and have been looking for new clothes to wear for work. I have found that the French market is lacking something like Next or Debenhams for classic yet reasonably priced work clothes! So I decided to do some shopping on-line, I filled my baskte full of clothes from Next and Marks and Spencers only to find out that these companies don't deliver to France! Does anyone have any ideas? anyone know a site that delivers to France? or have any suggestions for any shops that do sell appropriate clothes at a reasonable price! Thanks Jen

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I am struggling to remember the weather at the begining of the month but my Grandma always used to say something about March coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb (or is it the other way around), anyway does it work over here? And will we still get April showers?

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Hi I believe lots of students are striking in France about the new contrat de premier embauche - why is this? what's the problem with the new contract? it seemed a few months ago there were riots across france because youths were finding it difficult to find employment? surely this new contract is making it more attractive for employers to take on yound people - what's the reasoning against it? i just don't get it!help me! I'm scared!

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I've got a few of the lads coming over for a week in May - i fancy taking them to do some adventure sports, canyoning, white water rafting etc? Is there anywhere i can go within driving distance?

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With the weather becoming decidely more clement i'm wondering if i can put my winter clothes away now and get my bikini out ready for the summer? what say you?

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I've now arrived in montpellier and what can i say - its an absolutely amazing city! i love all the european cathedrals and architecture, it's everything i'd hoped for! i'm really into the european music scene, i love bands like coldplay, travis, the kaiser chiefs! are there any bands playing in the area over the next six months? or any other festivals it would be worth going to? help me! I'm scared!

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We shall be visiting Montpellier for some 7-8 weeks over the summer, and as we have no land-line telephone, wondered if anyone has advice on the cheapest method of using a mobile phone, both to phone within France, and back to UK. My Virgin pay-as-you-go charges 65p per min to receive a call and 95ppm to make one. There must be a better way? Any ideas?

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I need a quality garden centre near Nimes please - anyone suggest somewhere?

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i'd like to buy some wind breakers for this summer on the beach, but i can't seem to find any anywhere! does any one have any they'd be prepared to sell? or know where i can buy some?  

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I know that I should get into ebay. Some pointers from anyone?

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What's the cheapest / easiest way to get to Paris from Montpellier? Train, fly? Help appreciated.

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Can anyone help me! I've lost my passport (i assume it's somewhere in my house but i just can't find it!) I'm due to return to the UK for a couple of days at the end of the month - will i be able to get back into England without it? and more to the point will i be able to return to France afterwards?

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Good Morning--An actor who used to play Dr Who was on television yesterday and when asked about his new life in France replied that it was Dull and the main past-time was swapping back copies of Sunday Mail between bored Brits. I am determined to move to France soon (Carcassonne area) but wish to avoid being too isolated in the country. Are there any aspects of your move to France which you would avoid if making the move again . Regards McQ

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