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I wonder if anyone can help. I have an unblocked UK mobile phone, Motorola V600, when we visit our house over here I always end up paying astronomical telephone bills back to the UK through my UK service provider. How much would it cost to buy a french SIM for my mobile, will it work if i bought the phone in the UK? is it an economically viable option? Cheers Dillon

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It's shrove tuesday this tuesday! My family and i love celebrating with home made pancakes! does anyone know if the french celebrate this day to? and incidently - what's everyone's favourite topping? Mine's good old sugar and lemon! tinks

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We love this new Angloingo site. Will you have the English cinema listings as well?

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I am looking to purchase a GPS system and have been told that TomTom are the best. Can anyone give me recommendations, experiences. The only criteria is that it needs to speak to me in English.

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Living primarily in the UK, but have car based at home in France. Normally we'd arrive at one of 6 airports, but  most of my visits this year will be via Carcassonne, so I was thinking of leaving the car in the Long term. The prices on the Carcassone airport website seem quite reasonable - does anyone have experience of leaving a car unattended for a long period, and also any idea if the price for three or six months includes entry and re-entry - in other words is it a season ticket?  Thanks Steve

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Dear All! What a fabulous website and a great way to get in touch with people. I am an american student moving to France in a couple of months to take class at the Sup de Co University in Montpelier. How is student life in this town? any bars etc where i should hang out to meet people? what are the main barriers for americans trying to mix into french culture over here?   help me! I'm scared!

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Our garden is surrounded by large fir trees and I understand that if we cut then back they die? There must be a way to restor the light to the garden without killing these beautiful trees - any suggestions.  

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This might be the wrong time of year to ask but then again I'm asking because I don't know, when is a good time to visit a vineyard in the Gard or Var? And any recommendations as to which one(s).

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My plam cant' tell me when all the French public holidays are this year. Does anyone have a definitive list?

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We have friends coming over but do not have room to put them up - can anyone recommend a hotel nearish to Nimes?

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I quite fancy setting myself a project of looking at Roman buildings and artefacts, does anyone have any recommendations apart from the obvious amphitheatre in Nîmes and the Pont du Gard? I'm sure that the Romans have left loads of stuff all over the place, so I'm looking for the less obvious really.

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My Geography is shaky, so have no idea if Montpellier is in the Lanquedoc Roussilon, is it?

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We are considering a move to Nimes, having spent several holidays in the area. We are retiring so would rather be nearer to the shops and services etc. Can anyone recommend an estate agent (who speaks English) to help us find a property?

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Congratulations - Great to see a new AngloInfo - and some friends Blue Skies

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Congratulations on another great launch, just what we've all been waiting for. Well done Angloinfo. Maria ****

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Please would someone tell me all the points of interest about the region, I am looking at re-locating and would love some inside information! Good and bad points welcome, are there any negative ones, I doubt it, it seems like such a beautiful area! PS Great to see another AngloInfo site!

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