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A quirky question for you...If you're based in the Pyrénées Orientales, do you fancy sharing your reasons for choosing to live here?I'm a freelance features writer and I'd love to find out what made you choose this area above others. I'm based in Brittany, so I  know from experience that living in an area is very different from simply visiting.The piece I'm researching is actually about property and relocation, but I'd prefer to include direct experience to add another dimension to the article. For example, what's it like off-season or which aspects of life in south-east France are different from how you expected. What do you still love best?If you're happy to be featured in a longer section explaining how you found your property and have your photo in the piece, feel free to let me know. If you run a business, I'll give it a mention. Many thanks in advance to anyone happy to spare a few moments to contribute,Liza

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I have just returned from one of my regular trips to the Aude. The public toilets if open were at best, terrible! At Leucate plage, toilets locked.At Franqui plage, toilets open but the water turned off!!! please imagine!!!At Aigues Morts lots of tourists, toilets locked in the middle of the afternoon!!!We had friends with us, which made it more embarrassing.Is this the norm!!

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I really do feel I am going crazy with this whole Brexit uncertainty.. Briefly, my husband and I lived in Brittany for 10 years (early retirees, self supporting, not working) until 2 years ago and felt the pull of the grandchildren and moved to Cornwall.. Whilst its been wonderful - I miss France with a passion. Just come back from a 2 week holiday just driving around the whole of France and this has only cemented this feeling.. We want to move back to France (they never told me about the rain in Cornwall!!) but a little further south this time .. What is the general feeling about the sense of this with Brexit looming (although I can't help feeling still that it can never happen but maybe thats just wishful thinking)? Would it be madness? Would it be better to take a leap of faith and upticks pre 2019 or wait? I appreciate I am asking really daft questions here - but would love some feedback from you guys that are still there and enjoying the french lifestyle.. I bitterly regret moving back to the UK - lost loads of money in the process so this is probably the last 'roll of the dice' for us - my husband and I are both mid 60's and don't want to make (another) mistake.. I appreciate any comments. Many thanks. Cathy. 

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Hello thereMy husband and I are interested in buying a house in Laurens, Herault.However, I have just spotted some photos of really bad floods in Laurens.  As the house in question is right in the centre by one of  the rivers - don’t know the exact address- I am rather concerned.Any thoughts on this and the village in general, would be hugely appreciated.Thank you in advance.Sabine

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I hired a truck super u Mirepoix last week - took it back with wife paid the hire bill some 300 euro wife done some shopping - met her at the till she paid 60 euro - I have Cancer and disabled and must drink water every 30 odd seconds after my chemo etc - in my jacket pocket I had an old plastic bottle of Evian water topped up with tap water I got out of the truck - without the label on it - the guy on the till saw it as I was resting with my walking stick by the till  - and I told him I did not buy it it in the store - as i was walking away I was then confronted with the security guard whom the guy on the caisse called - then ensued half hour of aggressive confrontation because I could not produce a receipt for the 50 cent bottle of water - to the point I was pushed against a wall trying to leave - other shoppers looking on as my wife and I  were then treated obviously as a shop lifters - with him aggressively going thru the bags and stuff my wife had just bought in the store against the ticket  I tried to explain I had just done 360 euro business with the store and had not even been in it - to no avail - I tried to walk out again saying I had bought the water in Carrefour probably weeks ago - but was apprehended again and stopped - I was just so embarrassed - i speak enough French and explained the situation well enough - eventually I was let go without any apologies   whatsoever - This cannot be right surely - over a used 50 cent bottle of water with no label on it?? - any ideas who I can complain to - i tried to have the manager called in the store to no avail regards Joe

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I have internet with SFR. I would like to cancel this while not there and restart each time I am in the house in Herault. Is this possible?easy? 

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Please sign using link below, you will then need to "confirm" from the email in your inbox, thanks - https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/200088

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I've just come across a report by the British in Europe group and the 3 Million group (representing EU expats in the UK) on the third round of negotiations between UK and EU, and it highlights a lot of inconsistencies and fuzzy areas that could directly affect those of us domiciled in the EU, but without full French citizenship. Here's the link - http://www.bremaininspain.com/news/response-british-europe-the3million-third-round-negotiations/For example, Mr Davis assures us that retired persons receiving healthcare under the S1 scheme at the date of exit will be OK, however there's no mention of what happens if that person's spouse, at present covered under the same scheme, hasn't reached retirement age at that point.It's quite a long read but raises some very valid questions.

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Our flights been cancelled so driving back to Glasow via London we have space in a big roomy comfy car share costs of fuel,tolls ferry we leave early Thursday morning contact Ian on ianhiggins@orange.fr

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Hi ..i run a very successful business in property renovations and I'm looking for a good all-rounder and if you speak French would be a bonus...

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Hi we looking  to rent a house from end september until our property in uk sells looking for 6 mnth or pref longer as not sure how long our sale will take ,min 3 bed ,somewhere ideally with big gardens or land  ideally ,we like bring out our horses from uk in time. but can rent land additionally later if thats an option ,but main priority is home with outside space for couple of our dogs and somewhere to relax and enjoy ,dont mind where and if house in need of tlc an love as long as habitable ,all areas considered 

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I'm passing this on because it's from someone in North Yorkshire, where we have a home.From Facebook on one of the Languedoc groups,  there is a post, started by India Luck, looking for her missing brother Charles;  here is the content of her post:Hi everyone,Putting this message out there as my brother Charles went to France (Langedoc) in mid June and I'm trying to get hold of him. We knew we wouldn't hear from him for about 4 weeks max but it's 9 weeks tomorrow. He's not answering his phone, receiving messages or been in any contact with anyone for 9 weeks. If anyone hears anything please please please message me.Obviously unless you're on Facebook, messaging India may be difficult, but here is a link to an article in the York Press article.http://www.yorkpress.co.uk/news/15471200.UPDATED__Man_missing_from_York_believed_to_be_in_France/Does anyone know this man, is he working for anyone, have you seen him around your village?  Was he supposed to arrive and start work?If so please get in touch via the newspaper article link to North Yorkshire Police 

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Has anyone experience of obtaining a carte vital in their own right on reaching state pension age, since the rules on S1's were changed in 2014? What is the procedure?  Up to now my husband has obtained healthcare on an S1on the basis of my entitlement as a pensioner and we are both in the French health system. He now draws uk state pension and is entitled to healthcare in his own right. We enquired of CPAM and they are saying he has to get another S1 and apply again. Is this really the case? With all the turmoil over brexit we are worried about contacting Newcastle.

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Will shortly (October) be replacing our old built in fridge for a new one. How can we get the old one taken away (or taken by a charity - still works but want a bigger one)? Can't see that providers of new one will take old one away. Live Céret. 

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Need a strong person to drive a hire box van to south of France. Load it up with furniture with me and then drive back north 2000 kms Over 3 days. Paid and all meals and accommodation. Must be able to drive through narrow streets.Has to be before the 15th of this month.

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Hello, This will probably be the first of a great manyquestions so please be kind. I have a completion date for the purchase of ahouse in Barjac, Gard 14th September 2017.   I will need to set up an internet service assoon as possible. I use the internet quite a lot so it needs to be unlimiteduse plus it needs to be suitable eventually for the operation of the two gites.I do not really need a landline but will need a mobile phone contract. We willin time be seeking to view UK television channels and sky channels so mightthis be relevant to the service provider. I’m not really sure where to start. Searcheson Google is bewildering me.This was all arranged via Sky in the UK but obviously I needthe advice from someone with experience of signal strengths. etc., in theBarjac region. Hope to hear from someone.Graham

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hi anyone had a earthing rod installed,and what would be the approx cost? or a electricians number or email address to contact lalinde area

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We  are Australian and spend some months each year in a small village near Castlenaudary. I speak and understand French enough to get by, but would like to meetup with a native French speaker or group to improve my conversation skills.   Unfortunately my husband doesn't speak French although it would be nice for him also to be able to understand more than he does.  I am a keen horse rider and he is a keen walker, especially in the mountains.

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Is there a Do not Call register in France? It is very annoying that these calls are a daily occurrence.

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