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Went to our postbox to check it the other day and found a package inside that was roughly a 100mm cube - way too big to get through the envelope slot on the front!So, do La Poste have a master key that fits all post boxes or do all post boxes have the same key and we just don't realise it?Intriguing......

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Hi We are looking for a couple to house sit.  Large animal experience would be a bonus. We live in Alaigne and we like to have small breaks away during the year 2/3 nights. We have 6 cats and 17 alpacas (training to be given for alpaca handling. Contact on our email if interested.thanks 

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Hi,i am on my own over 50, quiet and have grandson for few days a week.the place I am staying is difficult and the french man is aggressive I am desperately seeking somewhere for August within 40 min drive of caux approximately with a little outside space if possible.replies welcome kindly sue

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I moved here three weeks ago and don't know anyone.  I'm 57 and would like to join something so that I can meet people.  I don't have a job at present so time is my own.  Many thanks

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Looking for secretarial/admin work/proof reading from home, flexible hours. A legal secretary/PA/Admin Assistant/Secretary for many years.  Or casual work in the vineyards/fruit picking etc. Understand a fair amount of French but need lots of conversation practice. Moved here three weeks ago so this is all new to me.  Many thanks

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Hello everybody, My English is so poor and I wonder if there is somebody interested by to meet in the neighbourd of Perpignan, around a drink ideally on the week, on afterwork, for to speak english. I look forward to speak english for my future job. Thank you all. Poppy

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HelloWe are a franco-american couple currently living in Switzerland. We are considering relocating in the Pyrenees but we would like to know more about the expat community over there. We dont expect it to be as international as in Switzerland but can anyone share his/her experience of being an expat in this part of France?Thanks!Vincent

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Hello, Im new to Anglo info and wondered if there is much need for embroidery and printing services as I run a small business doing this.Although we are not in france full time we are at out base in Gruissan a great deal of the year, and as we do a lot of equestrian items as well as all the workwear and clothing etc, i wondered if there was a need for it in France? I like to keep busy!

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I know this is a long shot but is anyone interested in swapping a property in the Aude area for a property in Brittany.  We visit Portugal on a regular basis so we would like to live closer to the Spanish border.  Our house isn't being marketed at the moment so it would need to be valued but I imagine it would be 120K - 150K. Our house is in the country a 3 bed detached with a large garden.  Our main requirements would be 2 beds minimum with easy maintainable outside space and parking.  Full details and photos will be supplied anyone seriously interested.

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Hello - Does anyone have any up-to-date information on taxi fares charged from a) Montpellier airport to Montpellier train station and b) Beziers/Agde airport to Beziers train station? I am trying to decide on the cheapest option for flying next time. Yesterday I was charged €28 for the ride at Montpellier, and I think that was much higher than last time I did the trip. If Beziers is cheaper, I might switch to flying there. Any info gratefully received.

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The French purchaser of our house has not been asked to pay a deposit by the notaire. I thought this was obligotary in France or am I wrong? Anybody more informed on this than me.Thanks i advance

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Hi, Still looking for parking .. anyone who has recently come back to the area and have parking for two weeks while we cruise the area .. please email me .. We are coming to the region in a couple of weeks .. and we are still looking for parking ..  Those of you who have answered .. will you be around .. if so please let me know .. ThanksRgdsChris

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Hello, We are having a holiday next year 2018 in May and are looking for a place to park our motor-home while we cruise the Canal-du Midi for two weeks .  If you can help and have safe parking for a motor-home near Le Somail .. Please let me know .. We will of course show our appreciation ..Thanks RgdsChrischrislockyer@rocketmail.com

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I'm moving to Clermont l'herault mid May and wonder if there are any English speaking communities I can get in touch with pr someone who wants to learn/improve English and I can improve my French, or someone who needs a secretary or I can work from home and do copy typing etc.  I have some French but need time to learn conversation.  This move was a year earlier than planned! Many thanks for any contacts/leads/help

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Can anybody offer me some advice when filling in my french tax.I have paid a person to do my tax for 6 years and as my income is straightforward I am sure with some guidance I could do this myself.I receive a UK state pension and a teachers .I pay income tax on my teachers pension in the UK. Do I have to declare my gross net and income tax paid?.I was only ever asked for one figure when it was done by the person doing my tax.On average my total increase each year is about £120.00 between the two pensions,but the bills I get from the tax office does not seem to match this increase.For example the tax bills over the last 4 years are 120 euros , 331 euros 63 euros and 383 euros.Why does this vary so much .I know the person doing my tax has been converting sterling to euro  1.3768 = 72.6p . The exchange rate has not been that low for sometime now .Does anybody know what rate is being used this year. I would be grateful for any help.

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Moving up to Normandy. I'm going to rent a big/Luton van but before I do spend money I have a UK reg Terrano 2 4x4 which is in excellent running order (everything works well) but has rust issues and needs bodywork work for its CT. I use it in the forest for wood harvesting. Dont need it up north. If someone has a large van with a towbar to pull a 2 meter box trailer...they could lend me for a few days in exchange for the Terrano please let me know.thanks for reading

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We have a property in Brittany but would like to return to the Carcassonne or Limoux areas, within 40km.  We are looking to rent somewhere with a garden for our dogs.  We are currently renting in Spain to escape the Brittany winter!  But due to leave here in June or could be sooner if suitable property found.  Rental around 500 euros a month.  We are a retired professional couple and can supply references.

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Open Meeting  on Wednesday March 22nd between 10h and 12h at the UNP Clubhouse, Carcassonne---see directions below.Whatever your connection with CSF we invite you to come along and  contribute  ideas and maybe the offer of your time and talents so we can  make sure the service CSF offers becomes  known to  more and more people.We look forward to seeing as many people as possible—your chance to make a difference.  And if you would like to be part of this but do not feel able to come in person, please do contribute by e-mail or phone to janfornachon@gmail.com  04 68 91 60 21The UNP clubhouse which is on the D33, Route de Bram, on the north side of Carcassonne airport. Take the Carcassonne Ouest exit from the A61, and then take the 4th exit from the roundabout onto the D6161 (Carcassonne Rocade/ringroad). Take the fourth sliproad, signposted D33 Bram, and turn right at the roundabout at the end of the sliproad, towards Bram.  The entrance, on the right and opposite a kart circuit, is quite small, but there is a small sign “UNP”. As it is a clubhouse, the conditions are fairly basic, but there is a kitchen area, so we can make coffee, etc.  The toilets are outside.  There is plenty of parking space.  Bring your own lunch, and a mug for coffee. Lost?? Call Gill on 06 71 84 14 45

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HiIs there anyone (english speaking) near Ouveillan, Aude, who could visit my Mum in the care home there.I'm looking for someone who could make contact with her once or twice a week, take fruit, flowers etc. There is no family in France ....Of course we will pay for time / expenses.Please let me know if you can help.

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