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I can't imagine that there are many of us over here that don't want to have our rights in France protected if / when Brexit happens so here is a a lobby group that seem to be doing good things and have good connections that people might like to support.http://www.ecreu.com

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A summary of Expat concerns around Brexit.http://forum.cancersupportfrance.org/search.php?search_id=active_topics&sid=5b09ed6ead17e1d258bdc826d0d8e5cc

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Anyone any info on archery classes/clubs in or around the Quillan area? Thanks

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Hi all,My name is Estelle and I have landed in Béziers a month ago after 7 years spent abroad, mainly in the UK and Malta.I'm now back "home" but don't know anyone here and miss speaking English so much... I almost feel like a stranger in my own country even though I know that sounds weird.I  would love to meet the English/English speaking community if this is ok with you guys, I'd be happy to share a beer or a tea and have a nice talk about our respective experience as an expat.I hope to hear from you :)

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Hi A friend has mentioned that Emmaus has an English contact address, but can't find the details. Can anyone help, please ? It is rather urgent. Thanks

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Hi I live in Pezenas and i need to have someone call about and collect an armoire so sale in Pinet 

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It's an online marketplace for transport - I was wondering whether prices and service are ok?

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Hi all, is there anyone who knows about living in the area that surrounds montpellier. Advantages and pitfalls. Thanking you in anticipation

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Hi I'm looking for good trades men to work on a project in marseillan . If you are a good trades men and not a DIY man get in touch  

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Hello, Could you please help with this query .. We are coming down from our house in Brittany to go on a cruise from Le Somail on the Canal du Midi and need some safe parking for our motorhome for two weeks .. Can anyone suggest where we can park safely for that periond of time .. ThanksRgdsChris

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Moped left in carcasonne car park airport.Engllsh number plates, chained to fence.It looks so  lost and alone.The builders have dug up all the car park and taken down most of the fencing leaving a bit with the moped and a bit of tarmac.Does anyone know whose mobylette it is ,it won't be there for long the bulldozers await. Email me and I'll move it for you until you get back.

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I know it's a long shot, but is anyone driving west and then north a bit(past Bordeaux) and would like some company...plus a contribution towards fuel? Thursday 22nd? Or morning of Friday 23rd

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Has any one used Megabus from France to the Uk, If so  I would welcome positive and negative  thoughts.valwat

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Can anyone recommend an electrician and a plasterer between Ruffec and Mansle

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We have a friend who has just lost her husband. He was the most gentle and kind  man you could ever meetHe was also a brilliant artist and sculpter . One of his pieces that he made for his wife, that looked up to the stars in the garden, collapsed into 3 pieces. just after he passed away! Our friend is staying with family for a few days and while she is away we are going to try and repair and replace the piece. If there is a kind hearted ,not busy carpenter. in the area of Carcasonne - Narbonne that would be willing to spare a few hours to help please contact me on 0468489747A carpenter or sculpters experience would help us get it as good as it was or can be If no-one is in please leave a message and I will call you backThank you in advance

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Filmon tv has stopped streaming on our smart telly. It st teams onto my I phone. The TV streams other stuff... radio etc... anyone else experiencing this or is just my TV? 

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Does anyone know Gary? I want to contact him about his house for sale in Lezignan as his phone number doesn't work from the advert.Any help please.

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Need to get to Calais to meet my daughter off the ferry on the evening of the 23rd December from the Axat /Quillan area. Share fuel tolls etc.Thanks. Kev

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Is there anywhere in Quillan area which we can go to in order to print out our return Ryanair boarding passes. We come very regularly but don't want to rely on the same friends each time.  We have no smartphone or printer ourselves.  Any info very welcome thanks.

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Received an interesting round robin email this morning from the Languedoc International Chamber of Commerce inviting French companies to a seminar on doing business with the UK in a post Brexit world. It described the UK as the 5th largest world economy, the world's 12th largest exporter and the world's 6th largest importer and extolled its virtues as a place to do business.Doesn't seem like they want to lose contact with us!

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