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I see that Michael O'Leary is at it again - aiming for free flights within five years.Apparently they will be able to do this by sharing income from airport shops and restaurants so he'll be relying on those vending machines at Carcassonne then, don't think so!Better if he put the Carcassonne to East Midlands flight back on in winter.

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HI allI am wondering if somebody knows of a package that offers limitless internet access in the countryside where there are no cables and most probably there won't be any time soon.  At the moment we are with Connexion verte (satellite connection 20G a month download/upload) but it is a struggle to keep it within the limit every month.  They have higher limits available, but I fear that would be struggle too as soon we would get used to it et voila! in the same situation again.  Hence, we are looking for something that allows us limitless use of internet and does not require optical cables.  Does anybody know of something available in France?  If so, can you please let me know the details... Thank you.  Good evening to all.  Ivana

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Any ideas or recommendations gratefully received.Part load,somebody with space in a van or trailer..This is important to me .I won't shirk paying my share.Peter

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HiIve moved into castres I am seeking to improve my french and start socialising with brits and french in the area any info would be great ...

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Do the French send flowers for a funeral, or is it a personal decision of the family?

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Hi I need to empty my garage in barcares and bring some stuff in London, a luggage with personal things and a tools box. Anyone is driving to London and have room in his car? I can pay an honest amount. Thanks. Gianniboni@msn.com Gianni

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Posters warning that “migrants are coming” and stating they are being “imposed” on French people have been put up in Beziers where they are set to receive 40 displaced people from Calais.The poster, which features a darkened image of middle-eastern and African men beneath a cathedral alongside the words: “The state is imposing them on us: That’s it, they are coming”, was put up in 100 areas of the town last week.    The mayor of Béziers, Robert Ménard, who was elected with the support of far-right political party Front National, launched the poster campaign in response to government plans for 40 people from the ‘jungle’ camp in Calais to be received by the town, and the subsequent expansion of Béziers' reception centres.It's a disgrace that such racial hatred should prevail.    Surely, we should do all we can to show our distaste and support the refugees as much as we can?

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Just read an article about the discussions in French Parliament today on Brexit that was headlined as "Cataclysmic Consequences of Brexit for Brits in France". Pretty scary but read the article and it says that will happen "unless reciprocal arrangements are put in place". So nothing new there then as that was always going to be the case and, since London is the fifth largest city in France or whatever it is in terms of French population, I suppose it is a fair bet that reciprocal arrangements will be made.Are we worried yet?

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helloanybody now of a decent boat hire company for the canal du midithanks

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Does any one know where it is possible to sell gold, please? I have a number of items of gold jewellery that I no longer require and want to sell it. Preferred areas are Carcassonne and Narbonne.Thank you in advance.

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Thinking about relocating from Gers to Bram. Any comments on this town? Does it suffer badly from the Tremontane wind?

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Considering a move to Carcassonne or very local area spring/summer next year,from UK. would appreciate a bit more info than I can find on general sites about Services. Usual Doctors/Dentists/ etc. We were in the system some years ago when living near St.Malo so aware of Mutelle payments etc. Although retired,we will possibly have a 3yr old girl;,grand daughter; with us,so interested in learning about any required info/help in that direction.Other considered area is nearer Beziers but first choice is Carcassonne.Regards.Bon Chance.

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Hi, has anyone managed to get through the process and paperwork of getting French citizenship. I'm 3 months into getting the dossier together and have my French test in a few weeks but would love to talk to anyone who has been, or is in my situation. Many thanks in advance! 

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looking for a good multi-skilled worker to help renovate house , must be qualified and be able to show some of there work .contact 0627550479

started by: labrousse-500162 · last update: 1475051717 · posted: 1470410967

Hi, We're coming down from our Normandy home to look at houses with a view to buying. We would like to buy in Capestang, we know the area quite well. If anybody knows of any private sales that aren't on estate agents sites could you pass the info on to us. We'll be there at the end of August, Steve mob 0645912683

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Hi, My husband and myself are going to spend most of the year in the Languedoc and would like advice. We are both artists and would like advice on what area/town to base ourselves? We did live in Pezenas a few years ago and loved it but property prices there are so expensive. A friend suggested St. Chinian. We would really appreciate and advice or suggestions that anyone may have to offer. It would be great to hear your views. Thank you 

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Hey there!I am french but I have lived in England and plan to go back someday.And, as I'm new to the region, I would like to meet new people my age.As I don't want to loose my English while living in France, I'll need to practise.So basically, I'm looking for a way to meet new people and speak English all at once and if it is not to formal, it's even better. Any idea? anyone interested?

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Do the cotisations paid as an AutoEnt cover basic medical cover?  I have been told that they dont and you have to pay for all cover through an assurer even for the basic cover.  Is this true? 

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We are looking for somewhere to pitch up a motohome from November until end March with access to a plug and water!! Not up in the mountains but preferably closer to Spanish border. if you have piece of land or part of large garden may suit. All possibilities considered. Have one dog and three cats. Budget of 150 euros a month. We are permanent French residents living in Brittany

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Hi  I am looking to start up teaching English and doing admin work as an auto entrepreneur.  I understand if you are doing several things you have to register each part.  Can anyone tell me where on line I can find a list of what types of work can be registered Under one umbrella ie admin and teaching?   Any other tips at all would be appreciated.

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