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I have just rented a Livebox 4 from Orange at 3 euros a month. We have a house In Ventenac en Minervois. I also signed up for VDSL internet at no extra cost.  For the first week I had speeds of 20-22 Megps . Over Wi FI this morning it was down to 2 meg. So phoned Orange English speaking help. Re booted my computer and the live box connected via cat 5 Ethernet cable and  Seedtest.net  recorded a speed Wait for it of 101.5 Mbps download and 17.43 upload !!!!!!!!!!Amazing !  Does anyone know if we have a new exchange in Ventenac en Minervois  or that my trusted Speedtest.net is just trying to make me feel a whole lot better ?Perhaps this holds out hope for the future of Broadband in the Languedoc.I am very interested in other folks thoughts and experiences .RegardsIan

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Anybody know and recommend a man and van for hire in the area between Carcassonne and Castelnaudary? I am between the two and need to empty my property.

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Looking for a three bedroomhouse (with secure garage or dry storage) for long term rental from September.All areas of Languedoc-Roussillon considered. Have been in the Dordogne area of France for one year(renting before committing to buy) but it's not worked out for us and thereforewe are looking at other areas of France to eventually settle down in. If youfeel you may have a property that may be right for us to rent or possibly beable to point us in the direction of a good agency, please get in touch asap.TIA

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Hi,Can anyone help with a recomendation or website.Please

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Hi,Can anyone recommend an English speaking French Notaire initially to translate my English 'Will' into french and also to provide ongoing support with the french legal system.I would prefer a recommendation rather than a reference to the classifieds.Thank you for any advice,Gordon. 

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Does anyone know a seamstress or someone who is very good at sewing, who might be interested in working on a project with me?i live about 40 minutes north of Montpellier, so someone who is in the Montpellier area would be great.Thanks for any help.

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Hi, I am looking for someone around the Sommiere area that can help me improve my French speaking. I have moved here recently with my French Girlfriend and our young family and it would be good to be able to speak to people. I have a reasonable vocab but need to know the basics of sentance structure and improve my vocab. If anyone knows someone that can help even on an informal basis that would be great. Thanks

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I had a problem buying varifocal glasses in the UK and it took 3 opticians before I got the right glasses. Has anyone had experience of buying varifocals in France. I have had my eyes tested and have a new prescription but now need to find a good optician in the Narbonne area.

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No one seems to know yet what Brexit actually means, least of all the British Government, however this link provides some clues as to how British expats may be affected.http://www.ecfr.eu/page/-/ECFR_176_-_HOW_BREXIT_COULD_HURT_EXPATS.pdf

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Hi Guys,I'm looking at moving to the area with my partner. I'm a skilled designer with a few years experience working in the Computer games industry as a games designer. I am skilled at Making websites of all different shapes and sizes (From basic websites to full CMS websites with Shops etc.), as well as web hosting and management, Graphics design and other general IT work.Just wondering if there was much of a market for this kind of thing in the area and if my services are of any use. Obviously I don't want to move over without there being any work available for me so i'm trying to gauge the level of interest.Cheers!Corey

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Hi,   We are in France in April to purchase a house and just as you feel you have everything sorted somthing crops up. We are considering purchasing new white goods in the UK to ship over, is this a good idea? Finally we are going to purchase a property with about 2 to 5 acres and are wondering if we should bring a ride on lawn mower and a rotavator/cultivator. Is this a good idea price wise, or should we look at France or Spain to purchase from.      

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Hi,We have just moved to the Gard region, and would be keen to make contact with any other expats in the area. Ales, Anduze and Saint Jean du Gard are all within easy reach for us. 'we' are a family of four...with two kids aged three and five. If anyone knows of any groups / meet-ups in the area it would be great.many thanks,Nikki

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Hi. I parked in a nearly empty car park at Leucate at 13,20 today, where the machine clearly stated payment from 09,00H to 13,00H & 16.00H to 20,00H ( I have the photo). So when I returned at 15,50H I was not happy to find I had a penalty notice on the windscreen. I went to the police municipal at Leucate village where I was told the machine was wrong as it is payment there all day, & to contest it if I wanted in writing. So is there any point in contesting it or is it a pointless proceedure as in the UK. I was not the only car with a ticket, quite a few had arrived after me & had tickets. Has it happened to anybody else out there? Has anybody contested a parking ticket & won ?

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I am an academic researcher from University of Oxford with expertise on migration of EU citizens. Following the vote for UK to leave the EU, I am examining how Britons believe this will impact them. How can you help?If you are a British citizen and living and/or working in France, I would appreciate if you could spend 3 minutes completing a short survey please. All results are anonymous and your opinions will help to better understand the experiences of those with connections to France.https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/X9GRRMWI would be grateful if you could pass this Survey link to any other Britons you know in France. Thank youF

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We are actively looking to buy a property in the Languedoc - Carcassonne; Narbonne or Ariege region. We have sent three enquiries to very well known estate agents and have received no response at all!  Heaven help sellers who have had their homes on the market for a long time - because it's very difficult for a genuine buyer to get in touch with them. The ridiculous system of not putting the location or exact address of a property only protects the agents who jealously guard their enormous fees. In the British Isles - a discreet note slipped through a letter box to the seller would at least get past a lazy and disinterested estate agent.  Alors!!

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As we've been asked quite a lot lately about it, we just wanted to point out that we have a How To page on how to get a French passport. It should be helpful for both UK nationals as well as non-EU spouses of EU nationals. https://www.angloinfo.com/languedoc/how-to/page/languedoc-moving-residency-french-citizenshipMadge

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Does anyone know if it is possible for an Australian couple to have a church blessing here in France if they have already had the civil marriage at home? I am finding it very difficult to find anyone who could do the blessing or anyone who knows anything about it! Thank you

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Bonjour, we are a husband and wife team with 8 years experience of managing and chefing in successful restaurants across France.   We are searching for a small restaurant or chambre d'hotes in the Languedoc to rent or buy.Prefer the Herault or Gard area however would consider further afield for the right property.many thanks

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I have a holiday home near Caunes-Minervois (actually in Trausse) and am now in the process of buying a car I would like to find somewhere to park it near to the Carcassonne Airport. I am aware that the airport offers long term parking but would ideally prefer something a bit more secure. I'm sure I saw and advert from someone who had a gite or similar that offered storage in their large garage somewhere in the Carcassonne area and would pick up and drop off at the airport.  As I work full time the car will be parked most of the time, which is why i am slightly worried about the Airports facillities. I would be happy be for it to be stored outside just in a secure location. Does anyone know anyone who offers this type of service. Many thanks in advance for any info  Vanessa

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Hi. Does anybody out there know where to get a UK birth certificate translated into French that will be acceptable to CPAM ?Thanks

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