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I'm enquiring about two things:1.  Storage for a caravan, indoor (barn, warehouse, anywhere) in the Aude or Pyrenees Orientales, on an annual basis, with reasonable access by arrangement.2.  Caravan servicing - preferably by qualified caravan engineer, or a competent mechanic who would be prepared to do it.Does anyone have an accessible barn or other indoor space they'd like to be earning some money?Can anyone offer the name of someone who might be able to service a caravan?I'd be really happy to hear from you.

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HelloI am looking for a pet-friendly rental with two bedrooms for the month of July please? Anywhere considered just needs to be in walking distance of a town or village please? Many thanks

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Hi, can anyone recommend where to get a SIM card for my new mobile, just want minimum access and that will last longer than a month Thanks

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Civil aviation unions have called for industrial action by air-traffic controllers and other workers from 3-5 June. It’s uncertain how widespread this strike will be however initial reports suggest heavy participation by airport and airline personnel. Cancellations and delays are possible.  Passengers should contact their airline directly for further information. 

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I've just tried to post a 'wanted' advert, but although I can select the 'Free Classified' button, it still requires me to select a payment option and pay 30 euros per week for the advert.  I'm sure we used to be able to advertise for free - is this no longer the case?

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HiWe have a lovely family of muscovy ducks that are looking for a new home.They are very good layers and very friendly. They lay good big eggs and very good for custards.Our telephone number is 0467248970 Kind Regards

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We need to put a stairlift into our house. We have prices to buy but we really cannot afford to purchase one.Also does anyone know who to contact  ie. social services etc to assess this need for a stairliftValwat

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Hello again,Can you sum up in one phrase why you chose this area?  I'm intrigued that several AI members seem to have moved here from other parts of France and, as many of you comment that it's a relatively poor area, I'm interested to know what makes the area special for residents.Thanks to those who've already responded to my first posting. Much appreciated. Liza.

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Bonjour, If anyone is going to Montpellier airport on Wednesday 11 May, and wouldn't mind giving my Mum a lift, please get in touch.  We are between Beziers and Narbonne and can arrange to have her dropped off at a convenient spot for you. 

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babyrhino 4 minutes ago HelloI am the prospective new owner of the AngloInfo Languedoc franchise and I am also an existing user so, in both roles, I am aware of all the criticism for the new format. For Languedoc in particular the site has not been managed by anyone locally for some years, all work being done from the centre and I intend to change that and make sure local interest, news and events are properly covered.My own thoughts about the new site are that the technical issues can be resolved and are being resolved, although it was very disappointing that the launch version had so many issues and that response from the centre was lacking - OK, non-existent! Technical issues are easy to sort out but just take time - content and user satisfaction may take longer but we will get there if people are willing.I have lots of ideas about how we can get this site back to where it belongs and create interest and content to make it a real community facility but I would really like some views from the current users. I would hope that these would be constructive but I am old and wise enough to understand that they will also give some "stick". If we are going to make this work I will need all feedback to be honest, whether positive or negative.OK - that's it.Head now above parapet - fire away!Best wishes to allBrian

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Hi folks. I'm going to be teaching and sharing Reiki in the Jungle at Calais next week, and helping out in the school there. I'm hoping to cadge a ride with someone heading up that way so as to keep my costs down (I've just picked myself up off the floor having checked out the train prices). I can be pretty flexible with timings.  I'm in between Fougères & the Mont Saint Michel.  On the off-chance that any of you good folk have room for a crazy girl and her rucksack....

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Hi i've been wrestling with the paperwork,and now have received an approval letter etc and password,but it says it will be another four months before they actually send the blue card.By that tlme I hope to not need it.Does anyone else have experience of this or any ideas. Peter

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SNCF is still on strike so expect cancellations and delays to train services through at least tomorrow (29 April).Air traffic controller are also on strike so some airlines have cancelled some of their flights, primarily into and out of Paris. If you're supposed to be flying today contact your airline directly.Some bus drivers and other transport personnel are also on strike so bus services may be cancelled or delayed. Good luck out there.https://www.angloinfo.com/languedoc/how-to/page/languedoc-transport-public-transport-strikes

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Hi. Is there a provider that allows you to suspend an internet / phone line when not in residence for a few months. I am with SFR & they say NON. Thanks

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Can anyone recommend a competent immo for a house sale in the South of Manche who can handle a sale towards the upper end of the market?RegardsFionne

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Sorry in advance as this is going to be a long one. Me, my partner and my 3 and a half year old daughter are wanting to move to France, permanently at the end of May, this year. In September we spent 2 weeks in a car driving around Aquitaine and a little into MP. After talking to alot of people , we decided that we might be better down in LR where the weather is better and there may be more going on, though I am aware it could be alot more pricey. We have £60,000 and are not scared of a renovation job. Is this peanuts in LR? Anyway, question time!! We have decided to buy a 5 berth caravan and new car and just set off to LR. My idea was that we could spend 1 to 3 months driving/camping around LR, until we find a town that suits our needs and then find a long term site and camp it out until we see a property we like and can afford. I would also want to get my daughter into a school by September 2007. Would there be any problem with doing any of this? I can't see any myself, but was wondering why other people don't seem to be doing it this way and people are moving into rented properties instead, which is surely alot more expensive than camping. Is this because most people have already spent time finding an area to live prior to moving out to France and prefer to have the space of a house. We didn't see the need to do this as we know we want to be out for this summer and would have just dwindled money when we can just be there permanently. It cost us a fortune in September staying in b/b's. Caravan def suits us more and also if we find a house that needs renovating, with land we can live in caravan for as long as it takes to do up. Aaaah the dream! or is that all it is? Also, after 3 months of being there, do we still have to register? Do we get pay as you go French mobiles? Would you recommend just using internet cafés until settled in house or is it simple to set up laptop in caravan? What do we need to do medical insurance wise? If we don't find an area until July, Aug will I have to wait until the local school reopens in Sept to "enrol" my daughter? She will be just 4 then. Should we try and get a LH hand drive in England? We def need a new car to tow, so RH or LH? My other half is a joiner, any advice, are there many companies he would get work with down LR? AM I FLAPPING FOR NO REASON? Will this all come together when we get out there, or do I have alot to sort before we set off? Last, but by no means least. Please advise me of some great small towns or lively villages in the LR. Partner plays Rugby, all very sociable. Want to meet french families as well as Brits. Please send me a list to "google". p.s we have already sold our house and are in rented. Thanks in advance for your help, if I get any. Marmalade & Co. Marmalade

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Hi, I am new to the forum. My wife and I have been thinking of buying a small holiday home in France fore years. We are currently based in Dubai and are looking at properties in Quillan and around. We want a lively, Fench atmosphere town. We like to eat and walk and sightsee. We have a limited budget for the house. We are both in our mid forties and our kids have left home and are currently in Australia and NZ. My question is - does anyone on this site live in and/or around Quillan. If you do, could you give me some feedback on what it is like to live in as a town? Is it friendly. What is the expat community like? Are there problems with crime/breakins? How does the town "feel" since the economic downturn in Europe? What is it like in the winter in terms of life and weather? Many thanks in advance if you feel you can offer any help. Cheers Will  

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Hi everyone, I'm a freelancer, preparing a magazine feature on the Languedoc, and I'd like to hear from a few people who live there. Based in Brittany, my own knowledge of Languedoc is as a visitor so it'd be great to get direct feedback about year-round life there. It's a property piece so this 'inside info' is a bonus but I'd very much like to include it.I'm looking for English speakers who live in Languedoc all year round, either retired or working, happy to share some pros & cons about life in Languedoc and happy to publish a photo of yourself. I'm writing this now, to send on 14/04, so it'll be a quick turnaround.If interested, feel free to reply or PM. Many thanks!  Liza

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Lost channels

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I have to agree - the new website is RUBBISH.  It is hard to navigate and you have to specify what you are looking for whereas before you could browse all sections easily. Also I find I have dropped off the weekly mailing list since the new site has been introduced.  Has this happened to anyone else?

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