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I was told that there was an Ikea in Carcassonne but I cannot find any info on the Internet. Anyone know?? Thanks

started by: 91figaro · last update: 1459322152 · posted: 1458115450

4 or 5 hours a day flexible near lezingnan 11200 labouring

started by: Joseph Artist · last update: 1459175005 · posted: 1459153992

Oh Anglo Info what have you done? Old saying "if it ain't broke dont't fix it" 

started by: sankie-491242 · last update: 1459091275 · posted: 1458291346

Hi.  I have finally found the cinema listings ( only took me a week). _________ This is where they are hidden______________ Click on Events then click on featured event & movies appear on the left hand side. Who would have guessed that? Website sucks! Happy viewing

started by: Baggywrinkles · last update: 1459090339 · posted: 1459090339

Why are there no responses to any of the discussion questions?  This new site is just terrible .

started by: le pomme · last update: 1459063898 · posted: 1458919677

Has any one else been experiencing this .......can see ads but not possible to respond to them

started by: chartis · last update: 1458918710 · posted: 1458171525

What on earth is going on with this appalling new website, clicked on this evening to check cinema listings, they are gone...so many clicks to find anything, but invariably its not there...grey wishy washy text hurts head very quickly, its just awful, why oh why change a great and simple format that was easy to move around..also no dates on ads, so who knows how long they have been running 2 mins or 5 years! please please go back to the original...this is so bad...you are going to lose a lot of people and adverisers...

started by: leonjane47 · last update: 1458890758 · posted: 1458194578

Just tried contacting the Anglo Info team to offer suggestions on how to improve on the appalling changes they have made to this site.You go onto "contact angloinfo support"... and all the AO team are there.. ready and waiting for your communication. The icon says "click here to contact Mr X"...... and of course, you click the icon... and nothing happens.What a sad end to a great little website.

started by: fiveonetoengland · last update: 1458421942 · posted: 1457734084

Anyone else find the new web site virtually unusable?!!! Who designs sites this bad

started by: baxterjay · last update: 1458402767 · posted: 1458402767

We are new to the area. We are about to move to La Redorte. Can anyone please private message me with recommendations for a dentist and doctor in the area / surrounding villages. Many thanks.Forums Administration:If you can help, please remember to e-mail your replies; in accordance with French regulations, names and contact details of medical personnel must not be posted publicly to the Forum

started by: leonjane47 · last update: 1458171214 · posted: 1457946854

Oh dear... very poor. Looks nice, but impossible to use. When I look at classified's, I want a general browse - I don't want 10 different categories. Also, photos seem to disappear when you click on an item.Same on this discussions page - far too complicated.I been a member of this site for 10 years or so. It was really great once - simple to use, a good info share section, etc.  Then a couple of years ago, the changes started.Who decided to follow this design path? A real shame.

started by: sankie-491242 · last update: 1458171154 · posted: 1458059935

I can't make out this website now! What has happened to the cinema listings? I can't find it under entertainment. Thanks

started by: Michael-Ward-852068 · last update: 1458169367 · posted: 1457807845

What an absolute rubbish website. Do you not realise that Web design is supposed to be professional making it nice and easy for the general public to use.A ten year old could design a better site than this. Not a clue!!!!

started by: tcube-498984 · last update: 1457815573 · posted: 1457815573

Hi. I need a lightweight bike collecting from the periguex/brive la galliard region sometime in the next week or two. The wheels can be removed by the owner so it could go into a smallish space.If any one is passing that area on route to the Quillan Axat area and help me out please contact me and I'll contribute to your fuel bill.Thanks.Kev

started by: ValDa (Aude) · last update: 1457803709 · posted: 1457768143

Has anyone noticed that Easyjet no longer fly to Montpellier from Leeds Bradford?  Now that Ryanair have stopped flights from Liverpool to Carcassonne too, our options for flying down are becoming more and more limited. What a nuisance - I was trying to book a flight from France to LBA for May this year!

started by: joppajings · last update: 1457780303 · posted: 1456147833

Hello...This is my first post and it is a big question....If the UK decides to leave the EU what impact will it have on UK citizens living in France? We are in the process of selling up and moving to France asap but this EU referendum has intrduced a great deal of uncertainty as to whether out project should go ahead.  There are so many issues to consider such as Health Care, Pensions, Employment, Education,Tax arrangements, export and import of goods, Banking, Exchange rates, Travel ....the list goes on. At present the arrangements between France and UK as EU members seem straightforward and enable free and easy movement between the 2 countries. I am concerned that UK 'going it alone' will lead to a great deal of confusion, costs and uncertainty. Be interested in any views on the implications..

started by: 91figaro · last update: 1457730381 · posted: 1457730381

Hi,Does anyone have experience of orange's sosh mobile.Is it really 4.99 euros a month no contract or is there a catch! As with most things orange

started by: exxie · last update: 1456737015 · posted: 1456600896

I'm thinking of opening an account with Toggle mobile. Does anyone have experience of them? What is their service like, how good is their security and stuff like that. Thanks, Peter

started by: icanthearyouwhatareyouonabout · last update: 1456682544 · posted: 1456682544

Would anyone no of anyone offering private parking near Toulouse Airport

started by: leonjane47 · last update: 1456349332 · posted: 1456349332

Help! I've bought one of the cheapo Sat TV tuners. It works OK with my TV and provides a good picture, especially on the HD channels. However, when watching BBC HD channels, I cannot turn off the Audio Description function (which provides vocal assistance for the visually impaired)... this is quite annoying as I am not visually impaired! Has anyone else experienced this problem? The box is the Optex ORD 9540-HD model.  I've looked all over the remote control, the user manual and the system settings, but I can't find anything which lets me disable this function. Hope someone can provide a solution. Thanks

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