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Hello, I am wondering if anyone knows an english speaking speech therapist in Montpellier or surrounding area?Thanks for your help, Monique

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Hi Everyone I would be really grateful if someone could recommend an English speaking dentist. We are in the Rieux Minervois area. Many thanks

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We are English, retired to France and have no property in the UK. We have Cartes des Sejour permanent .An article in AngloInfo states as Europeans we are entitled to an EHIC card for travel to other European countries. Our local CPAM office states that we are not entitled. Can you clarify how as a European citizen resident in France we can obtain and EHIC CARD for travel to other European counties? Do I need an English EHIC and, and if so, without a permanent UK address how can we obtain one?

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Hi. I live near Albi in the Tarn. Does anyone know of any english speaking dentists the region?

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Helloi am looking for a hairdressers for my mum and I who are attending a wedding in a few weeks in Ginestas. We are just after a curly blow dry and have a car so can travel. Thanks for your Help 

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Hi, I've just moved to Montpellier and I'm learning French, but I would like to have an English-speaking GP, just in case.  Can anyone recommend one to me?  If so, please email with details. Thank you!

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Are there any good English speaking dentists near Clermont l'Herault (34)?

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Has anyone had a CT scan carried out in Montreal Clinic Carcassonne? My husband is scheduled for one and we went  to the clinic to make the appointment today. He was given some paperwork that indicates he has to have a blood test first and to go to the pharmacy to get a syringe for the dye. What we need to know is when does he have to get the blood test done and who injects the dye. Does he have to see his GP or is this done at the clinic. If the GP how long before the CT appointment.

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Hi everyone,I am in desperate need of an English speaking, competent dentist and doctor. I have been here for one year and haven't been able to find one. Any help greatly appreciated. I am willing to travel anywhere in Languedoc-Roussillon. Please send a private message to me. Thank you.

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We have received our S1 forms from the UK and now have to register here in France, can anyone please advise us where we go with the forms, we live near Quillan.Many thanks

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E mail me for his name and website. His treatment is fist class and ultra modern !ian@g4ukv.com  

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Hi, Can anybody recommend a very good modern thinking hairdresser either French or British in the Quillan area please?  Thanks!

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Hello, I am currently pregnant with my second child and looking to move to Montpellier/Nimes area. I currently live in the Dordogne and childbirth is seen as something extremely medicalised here. I was wondering whether anyone have given birth in the area, can recommend a good hospital OB/GYN? I would ideally like a birth where I can follow my own instincts and be an natural as possible. Thank you very much!Victoria

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I am looking for an English speaking G.P. in the Narbonne area. I live in France and speak some French, but for health issues would prefer to be able to communicate in English.Thank you!  Rebecca

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Looking for a fitness gym near carcassonne/Limoux and are there any tennis clubs in this area.Thank youJanis

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Hi Folks, I just moved to Nimes and live with a cousin. The tap water is disgusting and my family does not drink it - they instead buy bottled water. I do not want to drink out of plastic bottles (dioxins), that water doesn't taste good either and as well, this is an expense I can not abide. I want to drink water though! Are there any places where I can find britta filters and pitchers? What can I do to improve the tap water? Does the quality of the tap water change depending on the neighborhood one lives in in Nimes? I've noticed that even at restaurants, people buy bottled water. And if they do serve tap water, it's been refrigerated as it is supposed to improve the flavor.The locals simply say they don't drink the faucet water because of the Calcaire and some other element which is not too good to consume too much of. They simply buy bottled water. There must be a better solution to this, yes? Any thoughts and advice greatly appreciated.Merci!CM

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Can anyone advise me of their experiences of getting an eye test and new glasses in France ?I went into Narbonne today to get what I thought would be an eye test and new glasses like Specsavers in England but I have to admit I am confused now by the paraphernalia you have to go through, the length of time you have to wait (6 months to 1 year) and the costs involved which appear to be very high.    I am thinking that the best bet would be to fly back to UK and go to Specsavers !Would  anyone agree or am I misinterpreting the system.  Many comments would be appreciated.Thank-you

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HelloDoes anybody know if a Mutuelle can see the names of the drugs that they are making reimbursements for ? in other words, when the Pharmacy fills a prescription and it goes electronically to CPAM for partial refund and then on to the Mutuelle for refund of the balance, can the Mutuelle see the name of the drug that they are paying for ?I am curious about where patient data protection fits into this equation as some Mutuelles are affiliated with Banks and Life Insurance providers, so for example if a person makes an application for Life Insurance to the Health Insurance company that is also his or her Mutuelle company, is that particular Health Insurance provider able to see every drug that has been prescribed for that particular individual, also do Mutuelles have direct access to all CPAM patient records via the Ameli online platform or some other source.Views welcomeThanksJoe

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Would be very very grateful if anyone knows of a doctor with good English in the Quillan, Limoux area. TIAIf you can help, you must remember to e-mail your replies; in accordance with French regulations, names and contact details of medical personnel must not be posted publicly in the Discussions.

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I  have had my eyes tested so now I need an Optician in the Narbonne area. I had quite a job in the UK finding the right Optician for varifocals, now I need to find one in France. Can anyone help please? 

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