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Has anyone had a CT scan carried out in Montreal Clinic Carcassonne? My husband is scheduled for one and we went  to the clinic to make the appointment today. He was given some paperwork that indicates he has to have a blood test first and to go to the pharmacy to get a syringe for the dye. What we need to know is when does he have to get the blood test done and who injects the dye. Does he have to see his GP or is this done at the clinic. If the GP how long before the CT appointment.

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Hi I have been for a few mri scans not at that clinic but in Narbonne.

Usually at reception they give you a form to fill in asking about health history,

If they want you to have a blood test it is done at a separate laboratory in the town, for which they will have given you a piece of paper to hand in? stating what blood tests are required.

The dyes are given by the nurse at your MRI scan, but you have to take the prescription to the pharmacy and they give you the product (dye)  that you must take with you to the scan.

Hope that helps

Good luck

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its usually the same for mri or ct scans

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Thank you.

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