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We are English, retired to France and have no property in the UK. We have Cartes des Sejour permanent .An article in AngloInfo states as Europeans we are entitled to an EHIC card for travel to other European countries. Our local CPAM office states that we are not entitled. Can you clarify how as a European citizen resident in France we can obtain and EHIC CARD for travel to other European counties? Do I need an English EHIC and, and if so, without a permanent UK address how can we obtain one?

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Drvale 1600625433

I have the same problem, I also have a Carte Vitale but when I go onto the website and apply I always get an error.

Matthew -Parris-992373 1621953926

If you are in receipt of the UK state pension and have an S1 then the EHIC will be supplied by the UK DWP and not CPAM as the UK is paying  for your health care

If you are "early retired" /inactif then you should apply for a CEAM from CPAM

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