Equal opportunities for 'inactives'

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I was appalled to learn that although physically handicapped adults can be eligible for financial support from the AAH, mentally handicapped adults, who are classed as 'inactives' do not have such eligibility in France.Those seeking employment are eligible for social security, yet what guarantee is there that they will actuallyfind, or take up, employment. Surely this discrimination of the most vulnerable in our society - making them non-persons.

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Those seeking employment are eligible for social security, yet what guarantee is there that they will actually find or take up employment.

What do you mean by social security? Income support? Jobseekers can only get RSA (income support) if they have worked in a salaried position or paid contributions in a self-employed capacity so I don't quite get your point here.

There is no guarantee for any jobseeker, being one myself at the moment I know how tough it is. I find your comment somewhat offensive. I've paid into the system for years and am entitled to RSA once my unemployment benefit runs out.

Jobseekers are intensely monitored to check they are applying for suitable jobs by the Pôle Emploi. Clearly you've never been in the position or you'd know.

They are eligible because they've put in. You cannot refuse any suitable employment job offers or they stop your benefit.

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No offence meant, I know how tough it is for jobseekers and I know that you are entitled to RSA (income support),
once your other benefits cease.
I was merely pointing out that mentally handicapped adults are not taken care of, with income support benefits. They are the most vulnerable
members of our society.
Because of their handicap, they are not able to pay contributions like we can, therefore the strong must help the week. I was just trying to draw
an analagy, but perhaps it wa a bad one. The point I was trying to make was they are treated as non persons,'inactives' not needing to be supported,
but they should be treated with a little more dignity, as human beings.

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