Glasses - UK prescription, French optician

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Has anyone ever got a UK prescription for glasses made up by a French optician? If so, did the Mutuelle approve the expense and reimburse you for the glasses? I ask because it is so hard to get an appointment with an optometrist here but I am going to the Uk in a few weeks and could get an appointment in Boots with no problem! I am wondering, though, if the Mutueele would approve of this.

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Yes we have no  problems here at the opticians in Carrefour at Villeneuve les Beziers ,and one of the staff speaks good english.

 Last year we  ordered them on line from Spex4less I think based at Liverpool  excellent service fitted fine sent a copy of the current prescription no probs ,just follow the on line instructions,a lot lot cheaper £25instead of 140euro!!, plus they do varifocal designer frames if required.

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