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I wonder if anyone can give me some sort of advice or point me in the right direction. I intend to move to France in the near future with my family to start up a gite business. Obviously, we won't have an immediate income and won't be able to provide proof of income until we file our first tax return. My concern is that, from what I have read, you can only become part of the state health scheme if you can prove that you have at least 3 months worth of income. Does anyone know if there are special circumstances when starting up your own business or do you simply have to obtain private healthcare cover until such time as you are able to prove your income? We will have a lump sum in the bank. I don't know if this would help?   Thanks in advance.   Carsica

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You can get advice in English from the CPAM helpline. See here:


For general information on the French healthcare system have a look here:

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I think you've got a bit confused about the 3 month thing, which is hardly surprising because it's very complicated!

Newcomers to France can only be considered as residents and 'stable' (and thus apply to join the health system) with proof of 3 months residency, which is either by means of proof of income, a utility bill, etc.  They must have also held full health cover during that time either by private insurance or by an S1 or equivalent.

That having been said, to enter the French state health system you also have to be able to prove a droit de séjour, which is sufficient regular income to sustain all family members so as not to be a burden on the state.  I'm afraid I don't know of anyone who has qualified by having capital in the bank so I can't advise as to whether this will count as part of your 'test'.

In answer to your question, there are no special circumstances for people starting up their own business.

My advice to you would be if you are moving from the UK and have paid NI contributions, to obtain S1's for the family which will cover you for up to 70% of medical costs for up to 2 years, and obtain a top up mutuelle (insurance).  Once you have started paying your cotisations (contributions) you will then be able to apply to enter the health scheme.

Job done!!  (Hope this helps.)

PS The CPAM English helpline is useless in my opinion!  I speak fluent French and resorted to it only once over an extremely complicated issue having got nowhere with my CPAM office and ended up speaking French because the 'helper' couldn't understand me and I couldn't understand her!

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Hi Garonne-Dordogne,


Thank you so much for your very informative posting. Can't thank you enough.



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