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Can anyone advise me of their experiences of getting an eye test and new glasses in France ?I went into Narbonne today to get what I thought would be an eye test and new glasses like Specsavers in England but I have to admit I am confused now by the paraphernalia you have to go through, the length of time you have to wait (6 months to 1 year) and the costs involved which appear to be very high.    I am thinking that the best bet would be to fly back to UK and go to Specsavers !Would  anyone agree or am I misinterpreting the system.  Many comments would be appreciated.Thank-you

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I got glasses a few years ago. My experience was o.k. I seem to recall that I got an appointment with an ophthalmologist in the local hospital fairly quickly, an optician cannot prescribe glasses in France. Once I had my prescription, I found a fairly cost effective supplier, rather like Specsavers in a local shopping mall. Sorry the details are a bit sketchy at this stage but maybe other people will fill in. I think I paid between one and two hundred euros for the specs and waited one week for the Optician to deliver. It is possible to get glasses fairly quickly and at a reasonable cost. CPAM refunds very little for glasses by the way.

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