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Hello all. My family and I are moving from the U.S. to the Languedoc region (exact village to be decided!) in early January and we're in the process of deciding about health insurance. My husband is a U.K. citizen but has never lived there, so we'll need to get private coverage and I'm wondering if there is anyone out there who can recommend a company offering decent coverage in France and if most doctors/hospitals in the area accept it easily. We obviously would like it to be affordable, but as long as it's less than what we pay here (astronomical!) we'll be happy!

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No-one on here can possibly advise you without knowing your ages and any pre-existing medical conditions.

Having said that, you'll be looking at a minimum of around 3,000 euros a year +.

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Thank you, I know that most have top-up insurance but wasn't sure if there were others who were going the full private route. Health insurance companies here in the U.S. are a nightmare so we're just hoping to find one that has decent customer service. Thanks.

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Among others do talk to AXA. WE have found them excellent though only for top-up in our case. Bear in mind a French agent told us that only the english accept the first quote..there is room for haggling, and it works, especially if all your insurance, car, home etc. is in one place. Find an agent you can talk to.  Good luck

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