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Hi Folks, I just moved to Nimes and live with a cousin. The tap water is disgusting and my family does not drink it - they instead buy bottled water. I do not want to drink out of plastic bottles (dioxins), that water doesn't taste good either and as well, this is an expense I can not abide. I want to drink water though! Are there any places where I can find britta filters and pitchers? What can I do to improve the tap water? Does the quality of the tap water change depending on the neighborhood one lives in in Nimes? I've noticed that even at restaurants, people buy bottled water. And if they do serve tap water, it's been refrigerated as it is supposed to improve the flavor.The locals simply say they don't drink the faucet water because of the Calcaire and some other element which is not too good to consume too much of. They simply buy bottled water. There must be a better solution to this, yes? Any thoughts and advice greatly appreciated.Merci!CM

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You can buy Brita filters and jugs in a wide variety of places such as Castorama, where they also do an 'in-line' filter which you fit on your drinking water tap.

In line filter - Castorama

 You can also send for the Brita filters and jugs from Amazon.

I've seen them in more up market places, too, such as kitchen showrooms, and the 'Boulanger' electrical/kitchen goods shops.

There are other local thing you could do to improve your water, such as fit a proper anti-calcaire system (will require a plumber).  

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