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My wife needs a ladies hairdresser (preferably english speaking) in or around Nimes (30). Must be good at cutting! I know this is a long shot but one will turn up one day!! ThanksPP

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Anyone know of an English speaking hairdresser between Narbonne and Beziers, shop or mobile? I'm getting desperate.

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Hi, I'm studying in Montpellier for two months and my French is still very bad. Can anyone recommend an English speaking dentist in Montpellier? I'm having some tooth trouble and may need it pulled. Thanks!

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Hi out there , I have just started to enjoy both of these activities at home , the Yoga is really good for relaxation and the dance is fun and sassy .... just wondered if any-one would like to join me for one or both of the above , a chat and a cuppa . I am female and live near Perpignan . Will I ever find it !

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Hi, after a lot of letters, and a confusing 9 months of attempting, my wife and I have finally managed to get affiliated by the CPAM at Nimes - so feeling quite elated (because we didn't think they would accept us) this is yet another request for anyone who knows of a doctor in the above area who speaks a little (or more) English. We are aware you can't post answers to this on this forum so please send anything you have to us: alan.bailey0@gmail.com Many thanks

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I wonder if anyone could email me the details of an English speaking woman doctor in the Beziers or St chinian area. Any help would be greatly appreciated :-). More generally, is there an equivalent of Well Womens clinics in the French system? thanks KateKKateK

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http://having-a-baby-in-france.blogspot.com/ I've just started a new blog - the diary of my pregnancy in France - some people might find it interesting as it goes along... www.BritsNimes.com a non-profit making association for English speakers in the Nimes area

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Good Day,is there someone, who knows an english speaking doctor in Montpellier?

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Hello, I have recently moved to Uzes and cant seem to find an English speaking Doctor or Dentist, can anyone help?

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Hello, I live in Dept. 30. Can anyone recommend an English speaking dentist in the Nimes/Sommier/Ales triangle. If you can, please use my email alan.bailey0@gmail.com in order to conform with the game rules. Alanall a bit new to me

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I live in dept. 11. I was wondering if anyone knew of an english speaking dentist. If you can help me, please e-mail me. Thanks

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I've just seen this good news which will save me a fortune on insurance so if you have moved to France before 23 November it will also be good news to you. Minister grants relief to all EU residents in France 24th January 2008 The British Embassy, Paris today announced that ALL early-retired inactive non-French Europeans who were legally resident in France on or before 23rd November 2007 will be allowed to stay in or join the CMU, including E106 holders. A copy of the e-mail received from the Embassy is here. FHI has just learnt that after months of negotiations between the health ministry and British Embassy staff, and lobbying from the expatriate community here, that the minister has finally agreed to simplify the rules, and has accepted that the legislation introduced late last year will not now be retrospective. Over the coming hours and days, FHI will be interpreting and disseminating this new information and reviewing its impact on our future strategies. We know that the period since 14th December, when the previous statement – which many CPAM staff refused to implement - was issued, has been extremely frustrating. However, we now believe that this was due to the fact that negotiations were ongoing and that their sensitive nature prevented an announcement from being made in the interim. Now that such a change has been agreed we trust that all levels of CPAM staff will be properly briefed and that the outcome will be swift for all concerned. We ask those of you who have already been guaranteed cover until the end of March to be patient, in order to allow CPAM staff to deal with the immediate problems of those who have no health provisions, as we believe their situation is the most critical. In the meantime, we would like to give our heartfelt thanks to all of you who have campaigned so hard over the past months. Your voice means something – this is a great victory for speaking up for you rights and fighting for justice. We send our good wishes to all those who have suffered from the uncertainty which has prevailed recently, we hope that today's news will be good for everybody's health. To all those who may be ill, our thoughts are with you, and our hopes for a good and speedy recovery. At least now, you know you should get the treatment you deserve. http://www.frenchhealthissues.eu/latest_news/minister_grants_relief_23_01.htmall a bit new to me

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Hello Anglos, I need to get a prescription filled urgently and wondered if anyone here can refer me to an English speaking doctor near Agde or Pezenas. Thank you!vlh

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Does anyone know of an English speaking dentist in Agde. My son has a cavity that is giving him pain. Thanks.vlh

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Hi there, I am now 6 months pregnant and preparing to give birth here in France. My second child but still I am a bit worried about the French system and hospitals...anyone with experience?

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Can anyone recommend an English spoken dentist in Montpellier ?CheersTommyJ

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I have looked in vain to find a doctor who speaks English in or around Narbonne, can anyone be of help.

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http://www.frenchhealthissues.eu/default.htm Wendywww.BritsNimes.com a non-profit making association for English speakers in the Nimes area

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Would anyone recommend a nice and good English speaking dentist in Perpignan? Thanks a lot!

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Anybody know of an English speaking Midwife in the Languedoc area, who'll be able to help me through the screams of labour early January? Hopefully, thanks in advance. N

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