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I have looked in vain to find a doctor who speaks English in or around Narbonne, can anyone be of help.

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http://www.frenchhealthissues.eu/default.htm Wendywww.BritsNimes.com a non-profit making association for English speakers in the Nimes area

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Would anyone recommend a nice and good English speaking dentist in Perpignan? Thanks a lot!

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Anybody know of an English speaking Midwife in the Languedoc area, who'll be able to help me through the screams of labour early January? Hopefully, thanks in advance. N

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Hello! I am on my way over from Ireland and have two children that need to be registered in school. I have read that they need to be checked over by the local doctor first, but am having difficulty in locating one. Can anyone help?? I will be in the Narbonne region. Also it would be nice to see opinions and references to health care centers, etc.. in France. Thanks, Marlyn

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Does anyone know of an English speaking dentist in Carcassone please? I have an abcess that has been treated locally, but it still hurting, and my French, although not bad, is not good enough to cope with this.

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Hi, Anyone know of an English Speaking Doctor and telephone number in St.Cyprien?Alfie123

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Hi. Can anybody recommend a good English speaking Dentist and Dental Hygenist. We are near Perpignan, in Canet. Many thanks. In Canet

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Does anyone know of an English speaking Dentist.We live in Le Barcares, near Perpignan. We don't mind travelling a few kilometres to find one.Any info gratefully received.Many Thanks.

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hello, I am looking for an english speaking dentist in Montpellier. I have fairly intensive dental forms/x-rays that need to be in English...any suggestions would be greatly appreaciated. thanks

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Hi there, My family and I have just moved to a village near Prades and wonder if anyone knows of English-speaking hairdressers and beauty therapists in the area. All the best, Minxie

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i've been enjoying a fair bit of rose recently and have had a bit of a bad head as a result. Generally a can of diet coke makes me feel better but sometimes i can't face one first thing. Does anyone have any other miracle cures?

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Can anyone recommend english speaking doctors and dentists in the Maureillas/Le Boulou/Ceret area please. Thanks. Please remember to e-mail your replies; in accordance with French regulations, names and contact details of medical personnel must not be posted publicly to the Forum.

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Can Any-one recommend an english speaking dentist in the Perpignan area. I spend the summer months in a small village out-side Perpignan and I am considering having some dental work! Many Thanks Angela

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Ok, can anybody help me, I'm looking for a dentist preferably in Tarn, Aude, Herault but I'll consider anywhere sort of. The problem is I'm quite seriously scared of dentists (please don't laugh I'm not scared of spiders!) this is a real problem and not the same as not liking the dentist. In England I would be able to look for a dentist who specialises in 'very anxious' patients, but I'm finding it impossible here partly I think because dentists can't advertise. The nearest dentist I have found so far is in Barcelona and much as I like Barcelona it is just a bit too far to go. So if you think your dentist might be helpful could you pass on details by pm or if you're visiting your dentist would you ask if they know of anyone. My French isn't terrible but an English speaker would probably help in terms of my ability to explain the complexity of my problem. I'm writing to dentists that I grab out of the annuaire and sending them a stamp so that they can reply but not having any luck so far. I'm going to post this on other forums so apologies if you end up reading this more than once.Thanks in advance

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Does know of a good English speaking dentist in the Perpignan / Le Boulou or even Figueres area. You can email me on geoffd123 at good old hotmail dot com. Cheers Geoff I took a year off and wrote a book, maybe you would take a look, www.lulu.com/geoffdrake. Be grateful it's not a book of poetry!

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My husband and I are moving to Le Bacares (near Perpignan) shortly and wonder if anyone knows of an English-Speaking Doctor and Dentist in this area. Any information would be helpful. Many Thanks.

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Can anyone recommend an English speaking doctor and dentist in Montpellier, by any chance? (Near the Antigone ideally) I'm compiling some 'help' notes for friends staying in our apartment for holidays, and wanted to be able to point them in the appropriate direction. I've asked a neighbour, but she only knows French speaking ones, although I'm sure folks will get by with goodwill and lots of sign language! I have found that most pharmacists seem to speak a little English, which is one option. Just thought I'd ask on the off chance ...... Thanks, Granny Fi

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hello all! i'm hoping to start a yoga class sometime soon - how much do they cost and can anyone recommend a good teacher? tinks

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Hi, I've got an awful toothache and assume I need a filling! I'm trying to put off visiting the dentist as I don't yet have a carte vitale and I'm terrified of how much it costs. I've seen on other sites it's illegal for anyone to recomend a specific dentist, but does anyone have any idea how much it will cost to get my tooth fixed? if they do "white" fillings at the dentist over here (think mercury ones are pretty ugly!)? or if i'm still entitled to visit my dentist in the UK? (been paying tax in france since end of January 06)

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