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Hi im a english and french mobile hairdresser In the 66 Perpignan and villages  around for prices send me a mp ;)

started by: Safraz-Namoos-859821 · last update: 1463847115 · posted: 1463643247

HelloI have been living and working in Nimes for 2 months now, but i am in an urgent need of registering with a doctor for health reasons... I don't speak french (currently) but i am registered through my work place to learn it over time at a local language school. Does anyone know any English speaking doctors I can go to? I am aware you are not supposed to post personal information here so if its possible can you please private message me?  I will really appreciate it!Kind regards :)

started by: gayle_stroud · last update: 1462915787 · posted: 1462915787

Does anyone know of someone who can do pedicure in the Olonzac area. An English speaker would be great.

started by: Les Wazzo · last update: 1462469328 · posted: 1444136878

Does anyone know if there are pilates classes anywhere in the Ceret/Le Boulou/Vallespir areas? They don't need to be in English. Thank you.

started by: Tim1963-484187 · last update: 1461702134 · posted: 1212138914

Can anyone send me the name of an English speaking dentist in the St Chinian/Beziers area? Thanks.

started by: Jane -Norman-854484 · last update: 1461432217 · posted: 1459322505

Our daughter is getting married in Peralada in September and we're looking for a Hairdresser and Beautician for the Bride and Bridesmaids. Can anyone recommend someone?

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We are looking for an English speaking Doctor in the Narbonne area preferably female.   Can anyone recommend a Doctor {Medecin} for us to contact please. Many Thanks.

started by: Fredsmum · last update: 1455517539 · posted: 1455281097

We are just about to move to France from UK.  We are renting in Puissalicon whilst we look for a house to buy. A few questions! I am retirement age in UK but my husband is not, although retired from work. What sort of top up health insurance will we need? I take thyroxine,  which is free in UK, how do I get this in France? Best way to meet people? 

started by: LYNNEE · last update: 1454014412 · posted: 1454011910

Hi - based in Fitou and looking for an English speaking dentist that you would recommend in the area - to include Perpignan or Narbonne if necessary. many thanks

started by: keosmum · last update: 1453768836 · posted: 1443103125

Just received our cartes vitales and discussing top-up insurance.  But I'm wondering if it's worth it.  We're both retired and have S1 forms so we are entitled to health care in France.  We understand that (in general) the French health system will pay around 70% and the mutuelle should pay the rest.  BUT what is paid out is based on what the government thinks the service should cost.  For example the government thinks a crown should cost about €279.00 and will pay 70% of that.  The standard top-up insurance pays the extra 30%. i.e. approx €83.7.  But the actual cost we've been quoted is €610 so even with mutuelle we'll still be more than €300 out of pocket.  The cost of the insurance will be €160 per month.  To get the full amount back we will have to pay €210 per month.  So is it worth it?  Could we not just save the money just in case?  Or is there a risk of being caught out with a large bill f we don't have top-up insurance?  Does anyone have any experience?  Really struggling to make our minds up.

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Hi, Could anyone recomend a good english speaking doctor in Limoux?  I it difficult to sign up as a new patient with a doctor in France?  Thanks for any information you can provide! :)

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Can anyone recommend a holistic, definitely mercury free dentist that practices either in Aude or Herault. I am willing to travel an hour or so (from Olonzac) in any direction. Thanks  

started by: JonathanMerrett · last update: 1451929943 · posted: 1451836194

My 90-year-old mother has come to live with us. She has got her Form S1 which we will take to CAPAM tomorrow. Can anyone give any recommendation of a good mutuelle for the older, retired person?  Thanks

started by: jakkis · last update: 1450421459 · posted: 1446226047

Hi all I wonder if anyone can help me - I really need to find an English speaking cardiologist near Beziers/Montpellier  - and a good one! Please please can anyone help? Thanks for any replies

started by: mikec-403539 · last update: 1449607428 · posted: 1449605551

On holiday at Argeles sur Mer. Need english speaking dentist in area for an emergency filling!! Thanks in advance for any info

started by: Heligan · last update: 1443629592 · posted: 1432313886

Having held a carte vitale for a few months now my husband and I are increasingly baffled by the differing amounts we seem to be reimbursed at the various outlets (chemist, laboratory, doctors).  How much exactly of 23 euros visit to the doctor should we expect to receive back in our bank account? Sometimes it seems we get 15.10 and another 14.60. My husband has a mutuelle top up but that shouldn't make any difference to the amount the State pay by way of the CV should it? Sometimes our lab takes the CV but we will have to pay what seems a hefty fee and eventually get something back, but its less than 50%.Prescription charges - the chemist swipes the CV and we pay a charge but there is no reimbursement that follows. ??

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Greetings from Frontignan, Does anyone have the name(s) of vascular surgeons they'd recommend for severe varicose veins and possible clots? The closer to Frontignan the better logistically, but excellence is worth the inconvenience of distance. thanks

started by: persian-490647 · last update: 1443102376 · posted: 1442136748

Hi  I am looking for a good mobile hairdresser around Rieux Minervois/La Redorte   Thanks

started by: exxie · last update: 1442865486 · posted: 1440422318

Hello My wife who has had lung cancer, recently had what is thought to have been a minor stroke. She's OK but is a little slow and sometimes a bit unsteady. In November I need to return to the UK for 8 days and I need someone to make sure that she's alright , not falling over etc. Does anyone know where I can find such a service. Thanks  Exxie

started by: Carmel-10050343 · last update: 1441747375 · posted: 1441219173

Hi there does anybody know of an English speaking hairdresser (good) in Limoux, Mirepoix, Bram or Castlenaudary areas (or in between) who is available during July and August in particular? Carmel

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