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I have already asked if anyone knows an English speaking doctor in St Cyprien, France.  We also need an English speaking Kino.

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Hi,  I am getting married in Argeles in April  2016 and am search of an English/english-speaking hairdresser. Can anyone help?

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I urgently need an English speaking doctor in or near St Cyprien, France.   My husband has just come out of hospital after four weeks and is still very ill.   We need to be able to converse with the doctor to discuss his ailments.   regards  Fay

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Hi we are looking for a yoga class near Pezenas. Can anyone recommend a good one?

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Does anyone know from personal experience if english residents can donate blood in France?   I see the posters advertising dates for donating blood but havent been in the area on the correct day.  I was told a long time ago that our donations would be refused.    Not sure if this was a termporary thing because of the foot and mouth outbreak -  or even if it is just an urban myth     Carol x

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Can anyone recommend an optician for sight tests rather than glasses in the Quillan area please? Thanks 

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Hi AllI am new to the area and looking for a good Female dentist with good English around the Quillan/Limoux area.I do not mind travelling a little for a good dentist, so any recommendations would be gratefully received.Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.GJ

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Can anyone recommend an English speaking doctor in the Narbonne or Carcassonne area?

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Hello, I would like to find the above as noted in Montpellier or Béziers.

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Hi, Can anyone suggest a good, modern Doctor in Sète. Not necessarily an English speaker; although that would be la cerise sur le gateau. Thanks

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Can anyone recommend a good doctor in Sète who speaks some English? P.

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Does anyone know of a good english speaking dentist in the Narbonne area I need one really urgently as all neccessary dental work has to be completed by the 12 April to allow my Radiotherapy to start

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Would love to start and experience classes in Tai Chi.  Was very impressed when a visit to China showed these.  I live near Limoux, anyone know of any classes with 50 km radius??  

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Does anyone know of an English speaking ladies hairdresser in the carcassonne area. I had one who has moved to conques sur orbiel but I cannot find him. Thanks chris

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I will shortly be returning to live in France, having previously done so.  I am quite shocked at a couple of quotes I have received for top-up health insurance. Is there anybody who can recommend a company please. Thanks in advance.

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We live in Bessan and would like to find a dentist in the area, Agde, Cap d'Agde, Marseillan, Florensac etc who has some english. We have some French but could do with some help with technical explanations relating to dentistry! Has anyone got good experience they can share?

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i went yesterday to a hairdressers in lezignian corbieres.....I am visiting the area....not a resident...I was charged 51euros for a trim and blow dry....is this the local price or was I ripped off? I live in the north of France and would normally pay around 35euros for the same. just a question...not about to name the salon...and no ....I,m not happy I look like a poodle.

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I've had complementary assurance since I started working in France - 2007.    The payments have gone up and up and up and I decided to cancel it when I received the new premium and put the money into a savings account.    I don't go much to the doctor and the only claim I have had over the last 3 years has been from my annual visit to the dentist.    I wrote to the mutelle cancelling the contract and sent it recommende as soon as the renewal came through.    I have just received a letter saying I cannot cancel this for another year because  I didn't send them a letter 2 months before ...but I didn't receive the renewal until the 1st week of December for the new annual contract starting 1st Jan.       I've just had an horrible phone call with the company saying basically 'tough luck'   the law is the law (Loi Chattel).   I have to go another year of cover before I can cancel.    I told him I was going to cancel the prelevement and he said he would come straight back at me with all the law on his side.   He then laughed,.....red rag to a bull - so  I asked him not to laugh at me, he did not apologise and he put the phone down.   Am I up the creek without a paddle or is there anything I can do to get out of this?    The worst thing was that he laughed at me... I don't want any more quotes so insurers please don't contact me with a proposal - I'll take my chances. 

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Hello, My friend, 65, has a growing respiratory and throat problem, 'dreads doctors/tests etc '  but is now willing to see one if we can find an english speaking one. Either one who could become his 'medicin traitant' or/and specialists in throat/lungs.   Thanks very much for any help. Please email to  sophieinfrance@gmail.com   Sophie

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I am looking for a good hairdresser in the Quillan area (would travel a bit though) who can do highlights! Many thanks

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