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In the New Year I am considering developing a Reflexology Service in the Carcassonne area. I am a fully qualified Reflexologist holfing ITEC diplomas in Anatomy & Physiology, Reflexology & Swedish Massage.  Was wondering whether anyone had any information regarding the acceptance in France of Internationally recognised qualifications. I also will need the French equivelant of Public / Professional liability insurance, would anyone know of a suitable company. Many thanks Jane Knight knight2@me.com

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Hi, my 19 year old daughter has a severe speech disorder and  learning difficulties, she is looking for friends in the `prades area, youth groups or voluntary work, I would like some advice on benefits she may be entitled to as a French resident as paid work is not an option, any help much appreciated, Lisa

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Hi and please excuse the three-fold question. Firstly, we recently moved to Pezenas and I'd love any recommendations on a good doctor in Pezenas (French-speaking only is no problem - just looking for a good recommendation!). Ditto for a dentist! In addition, I'm 5 months pregnant and trying to find an indoor pool close by that offers classes for pregnant women. Not having a lot of luck! Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks so much, my email for private replies is cally.williamson@gmail.com

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Hi there, Could anyone recommend a good doctor in Narbonne? A doctor who speaks some English would be ideal! If anyone has any recommendations, that would be great. My email is jolit@hotmail.com. Many thanks in advance, Jo  

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HI Everybody, Would any of you be able to help me to find an English, or a good english speaking Gyno in the area between Narbonne - Marseillan - Pezenas....?? As I understand that we can't mention names of medics on this forum... Could you please sent your info to my email address? nicole.schoofs@hotmail.es Many thanks!

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Does anyone know the address that I should send my completed  brown feuille de soins and vigns?  I saw the doctor last week and would like to claim back some of the expenses.  I have all other relevant bits of information, but have no idea of the address of the CPAM to send it to.  I saw the doctor in La Redorte (11) so am guessing that it must be somewhere in Carcassonne? I'm now back in the UK after a visit out and would like to get the papers sent off ASAP.    Many thanks in advance

started by: kiff_wlm · last update: 1408368572 · posted: 1407777274

We are moving to the Languedoc region soon and need to sort out health insurance. How does the cost of CPAM compare to private insurance? We are both on company pension schemes but have not yet reached UK pension age so we don't qualify for the so called 'S1' - I believe that S1 now only applies if UK pension age is reached, is this true?

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Does anyone know whether the cost of prescriptions for thyroxine is covered fully or partially in France with a carte vitale. In the UK my wife does not pay for prescriptions as it is necessary to take thyroxine daily.

started by: ceret holidays · last update: 1402857953 · posted: 1402585769

I have lived in france for 5 years and have a private pension paid from the uk. I am having problems getting a carte vitale as there seems to be some confusion whether I should be dealing with RAM/RSI or CPAM. Does anyone know of an english speaking expert who could help me deal with this problem anf perhaps help deal with the agencies concerned. Happy to apy a fee for professional help

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Hi, I've lived in France previously but had to come to the UK for a while. I'm now on my own and determined to come back to France but I will need to have a source of income. I've got several 'talents' that I could use, so I'd be really interested to know which one you think would be most the popular / profitable avenue to persue. The choice is as follows:- Teaching GCSE English, Maths and ICT and offering exams. Beekeeping Services Beauty Therapist creating bespoke creams and lotions to suit the individual client Soap and cream making workshops NLP / Hypnotherapy Reiki therapy   Some of them work together but if I could just have a general consensus of opinion as to which one people would be most interested in - it'd really help me research further. Thanks in anticipation of your help!   Sally

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I have lived near St Hippolyte du Fort, Anduze area Ales, Montpellier, Nimes area for many years.  I still have not found a French hairdresser who can do my highlighs without them looking while or fake. Was hoping someone could recommend a British hairdress living working in my area.  Very much appreciate it. With thanks  

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I've been seeing a physiotherapist for sciatic nerve damage and suspect after a long flight i'll need some more treatment.   So if anyone knows a physio or similar, English speaking ideally, can they email me pls. Many thanks.  petaoverseas@yahoo.com.au

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can anyone advise me on tax relief for handicap person over 70 years  85%handicap, what are their entitlements,thank you

started by: Sal179 · last update: 1398839272 · posted: 1398806840

I live in the Quillan/Limoux area and have had 2 friends who have now suffered dental pain and required to see a dentist quite urgently.  It seems really difficult to find a dentist who will see you quickly.  Has anyone had any experience of this and could tell me what is the best course of action to see a dentist as a matter of urgency.  Thank you.

started by: GCDB25 · last update: 1398355345 · posted: 1398351143

Hallo Can anyone advise me of an English speaking dentist close to Uzes? Prefer close to Uzes but am willing to travel up to 20 minutes out of Uzes. Many thanks  

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Has anyone enquired of their doctor in France about HOMOCYSTEINE-levels and the pinprick test? These can help ascertain if a patient is at risk of dementia. I'm drawing a blank with our doctor, but a blood-test for Creatinine was proposed. Could this be the same, or the equivalent? Thanks for any help on this.

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I am seeking an english speaking psychiatrist in Montpellier - preferably one who has an extensive (working) knowledge in individuals with a brain injury. Thank you for any recommendations.

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Hello all. I am new in Cruzy and would like to find a place to practice yoga regularly. I would even be open to just meeting up with someone who also has the same desire. Does anyone know of a small center studio in the area that has regular classes? Thanks, Shelby

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Hello AllWe are Americans living between Nimes and Montpellier. I think we would like to buy into the French health system (how much would it cost?) but when I google search I see conflicting information about whether we can do this or not. We have been here one year on a tourist non-working visa and are about to renew that.If we are not eligible to buy into the French system then we need health insurance. I am looking at Cigna.. Aetna and GeoBlue. Is there something less expensive or better I should be looking at?Thanks to all of you!Judy and Dave

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I have recently moved to Languedoc and I'm not so good at french yet. I am now looking for an English speaking dentist in the area of Pezenas or Beziers. If you know of anyone please send my the name and address as soon as possible as I have an urgent problem. My e-mail is: birman1@hotmail.com Thank you in advance.

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