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Hi all This helps me to ease this infuriating itchiness, hope it helps you too. Take 1 small glass of cold milk, add 2 tsp of olive oil, stir, and pour into a half-full bath tub of warm water, get in, and relax for about 20 min. Be careful when getting out, the oil makes everything a bit slippery. Repeat 3 times per week. If your scalp is also affected, drape  a wet face cloth over your head. Mind, it won't cure any excema, only gives a bit of relief.

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Hello, wondering if anyone knows of an English-speaking doctor (GP) in Nimes... my mother who lives here has a French doctor, but I can't reach him and she hasn't been terribly well for about a week. It would be a great help if I could converse with someone about her condition. Also, what is the next step if she gets worse - can one turn up at the hospital as in the UK, or is it better to phone 15 and try to speak with someone first? Cheers for any advice, --galoot

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Hi, I am looking for an English or Chinese speaking doctor and dentist in Nimes. Does someone know the information? Please email me: sea_skyzhanglili@163.com. Thank you very much!

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I have recently moved to Magalas and am looking to find a good English speaking hair colourist and stylist, I am willing to travel if necessary, can anyone help

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Hi All I am new to the area and looking for a good Female doctor with good English around the Quillan/Limoux area.If the doctor has an interest in sports medicine, even better!I do not mind travelling a little for a good doctor, so any recommendations would be gratefully received.Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.GJ

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hi does anybody know of an optician in narrbone who speaks some english ?   thanks Julie

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Hello, we just bought a house in Talairan, in the Aude (11220) Are looking for a nice friendly GP, either in Lagrasse, or in St Laurent de Cabrerisse. We'd prefer a female GP, but have heard that the female GP in Lagrasse is qa bit 'brusque'. Are fluent in French as living in France for 20 years, so no problem if GP speaks French only. Would much appreciate if anyone could advise us. Thaks in advance, Kind Regards, Andrea

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Sorry if this has been posted before but I am getting exasperated by these letters from Caisse d' Assurance Maladie de l'Herault.I have a provisional attestation number and I then foolishly expected a letter asking for photos etc for the actual carte . Instead I have another letter to do with Liaison INSEE and 'elements d'etat civil ' where anoher from asks for '' copie lisible de l'acte naissance '' -- which I assume is my birth certficate which they have already had and which I can send again .But more confusing is the next box crossed '' la copie de la traducion de la piece d'etat civil obtenue aupres :- d'un traducteur assermente agree aupres des Cours d'appel et de Cassation - du CLEISS ( le centre des Liaisons Europeennes et Internationales de Securite Sociale- du consulat en France du pays ou l'acte a ete dresse -du consulat de France dans le pays ou l'acte a ete dresse I am divorced and retired on a small state pension and have moved here on my own to live full time in what was our holiday home. Others seem to get the carte vitale without all this t]rouble. have I got a particulary hard CPAM officer ? I do hope someone can help enlighten me -- as close to desperation not to mention tearsSandra J

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Hello All, Can anyone advise if it is easier to try and get reimbursement for the healthcare from here in Narbonne or wait until I return to the UK ?? It advises on the NHS website to try and get refunded here from the CPAM office but, as my french is virtually non-existant, I am not sure which is the easiest route....I am also not sure of the paperwork required as it differs depending on which internet site you look at.... Has anyone had dealing with this as I would appreciate any advice ?? Many thanks

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Does anyone know if French pharmacies stock Corsodyl mouthwash or similar?

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Does anyone know a good english speaking physio or similar therapist near Carcassonne. I have pain in my right leg, I think referred from my bad back, but my French isn't up to explaining all of this. With thanks and in hope!!

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Hi, can anyone recommend a chiropodist around Pezenas/Claermont. Preferably one who speaks some english. Thanks

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Is anyone able to give me the name of a female doctor with relatively good English in the Limoux area.   I realise you can only reply by email which is sulla1504@gmail.com   Thank you.

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I need to register for a doctor in Quillan. I know there are three.  Who is best please - and who would you avoid?  Want someone approachable (with friendly receptionist!). English speaking would be nice but effective and friendly more important. Email egp@btinternet.com

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Can anyone recommend a nail salon in Carcassonne/Limoux areas, prefererably with some English spoken.   I am marrying at the end of next week, and think the nails need some urgent attention!

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Having received our S1 we can now go to CPAM (once all docs translated) and register there however in the meantime we need health cover and to register at a Drs.  (We will still need health cover even when registered I know). Any ideas of how to find cheap health cover?  In UK I would go to a comparasion site but they do not seem to exist here so I am hoping all of you out there will be able to say don't go to so&so as they are expensive or try so&so as they were good for us!! Myself and daughhter are reasonably healthy but hubby is on daily meds and needs to register with a cardiologist so he needs cover ASAP and for a pre existing condition.  Info in English from the insurance company would also be useful but not a requirment. Cheers JAN

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Hello, Can anyone tell me a local place to get birth certs etc translated for our CPAM application? We live near Beziers (Capestang) so I am guessing there must be one in Beziers. Thank You JAN

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Moving to Lagrasse area where we're in the process of buying a property. I have a serious form f Poly-arthritis/RA, and am Looking for a good Female Rheumatologist in Lezignan-Corbieres/NarbonneAude, with Modern and progressive Views. Can anybody also advise me please on how long waiting list would be for 1st visit,  When referred by GP? Thanks in advance for your replies and advice, much appreciated. Kind Regards, Camilla    

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Has anybody been in this position and can advise? I became auto entreprenure from the 1st Jan. I have recieve two letters from RSI written a day apart from two offices in different parts of France asking for the same docs to be sent to both. What an efficient lot They require a translated copy of my birth certificate that must show my Mother and Father's names. Here lies the problem as i have only the short version showing my name and place/date of birth.I was born in 1958.At the time these short versions were for children who were born out of marrage or where the father was not known. However, i do know my parents very well indeed and they are still alive and well. It was just that they had only been married 3 years and had just bought a house when i arrived so were very short of cash. They opted for a short certificate because these were much cheaper. No problem - til now. So, does any body how I might get over this? Alan  

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Hi Does any one know if there is an english Shiatsu practitioner working around  Lezignan, Narbonne  or surounding area  I am prepared to travel. Thank you regards maddie

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