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Hello, Can anyone tell me a local place to get birth certs etc translated for our CPAM application? We live near Beziers (Capestang) so I am guessing there must be one in Beziers. Thank You JAN

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Moving to Lagrasse area where we're in the process of buying a property. I have a serious form f Poly-arthritis/RA, and am Looking for a good Female Rheumatologist in Lezignan-Corbieres/NarbonneAude, with Modern and progressive Views. Can anybody also advise me please on how long waiting list would be for 1st visit,  When referred by GP? Thanks in advance for your replies and advice, much appreciated. Kind Regards, Camilla    

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Has anybody been in this position and can advise? I became auto entreprenure from the 1st Jan. I have recieve two letters from RSI written a day apart from two offices in different parts of France asking for the same docs to be sent to both. What an efficient lot They require a translated copy of my birth certificate that must show my Mother and Father's names. Here lies the problem as i have only the short version showing my name and place/date of birth.I was born in 1958.At the time these short versions were for children who were born out of marrage or where the father was not known. However, i do know my parents very well indeed and they are still alive and well. It was just that they had only been married 3 years and had just bought a house when i arrived so were very short of cash. They opted for a short certificate because these were much cheaper. No problem - til now. So, does any body how I might get over this? Alan  

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Hi Does any one know if there is an english Shiatsu practitioner working around  Lezignan, Narbonne  or surounding area  I am prepared to travel. Thank you regards maddie

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Has anyone moved recently from the Aude to the Herault and is able to give advice on how to change CPAM Aude to CPAM Herault?

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Hi There, My husband and I are looking for an English speaking doctor & dentist near Magalas. Our French is decent but not great with medical terms at all. If anyone could help that would be amazing. My e-mail is kj_leonard@hotmail.com.  Thank you in advance.

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Hi, Does anyone know of a place that offers first aid classes in English? Thanks

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Has anyone ever got a UK prescription for glasses made up by a French optician? If so, did the Mutuelle approve the expense and reimburse you for the glasses? I ask because it is so hard to get an appointment with an optometrist here but I am going to the Uk in a few weeks and could get an appointment in Boots with no problem! I am wondering, though, if the Mutueele would approve of this.

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Hi, I'm looking for an English speaking doctor.If you know of one ,please let me know.Thanks.

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Hello, Does anyone know of an English speaking dentist around Lézignan-Corbières or Narbonne?You can email me, since you cannot post address or personal information about medical personnel in France in a forum.Thanks

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Hi everyone.  I'm looking for an english speaking doctor and dentist in the Carcassonne/Bram area.  We are willing to drive a bit for a good one.  Boy it's not easy to find one is it?  Thanks in advance for your assistance.  I'm not sure if my email will be made available to replies so it's hare_p@hotmail.com.  Thanks again.

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Hi, can anyone recommend an English speaking optician please? Thank you. 

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Has anyone required vaccinations for a holiday and is it the doctor you need to visit or can the pharmacist advise?

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Hi Can anyone recommend or advise of an English speaking Ears, Nose & Throat Speciallist / Consultant in the region. As I have been experiencing repeated and wosening throat problems I would be grateful to hear from anybody who feels that they can be of assistance. Many thanks Diane

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I wonder if anyone can give me some sort of advice or point me in the right direction. I intend to move to France in the near future with my family to start up a gite business. Obviously, we won't have an immediate income and won't be able to provide proof of income until we file our first tax return. My concern is that, from what I have read, you can only become part of the state health scheme if you can prove that you have at least 3 months worth of income. Does anyone know if there are special circumstances when starting up your own business or do you simply have to obtain private healthcare cover until such time as you are able to prove your income? We will have a lump sum in the bank. I don't know if this would help?   Thanks in advance.   Carsica

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Hi - If anyone has knowledge of an english speaking midwife in the Carcassonne area could you let me know...33 weeks pregnant and in the area until week 36 - would like to ask a couple of questions! Thy!

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Hello all. My family and I are moving from the U.S. to the Languedoc region (exact village to be decided!) in early January and we're in the process of deciding about health insurance. My husband is a U.K. citizen but has never lived there, so we'll need to get private coverage and I'm wondering if there is anyone out there who can recommend a company offering decent coverage in France and if most doctors/hospitals in the area accept it easily. We obviously would like it to be affordable, but as long as it's less than what we pay here (astronomical!) we'll be happy!

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Hi All, Does anyone know of a doctor and also a gynaecologist who speak English in the Bezier area? If so can you please email me on lhindle@decipheruk.com as I gather the reply can`t be posted with this info.Many thanks, Leanne

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Am looking for an English speaking psychiatrist Languedoc Roussillon / Aude. I live near Perpignan (66). If anyone can help please? My email: bevmick.wall@gmail.com Thank you Beverley

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Hi AllI am new to the area and looking for a good Female masseuse/physiotherapist or similar with good English around the Quillan/Limoux area.If they have an interest in sports medicine, even better!I do not mind travelling a little for a good masseuse so any recommendations would be gratefully received.Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.GJ

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