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Hi, can anyone recommend a good English speaking dentist in Beziers,preferab ly female.

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I returned to the UK permanently earlier this year and returned by Carte Vitale to CPAM with a letter of cancellation accordingly. However, a few days ago I received a letter (sent to my old French address) from the radiology clinic where I had a routine "Mammographie de depistage", (as invited by the French healthcare system), stating that CPAM has directed them to me for the payment. The x-ray was done 50 days before the date of cancellation of my health cover. Should CPAM have honoured the payment of this breast cancer screening test? Or have regulations changed that I don't know about?Would appreciate advice.

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I've just retired to France and have been given the Carte Vitale, but I am told I'm only eligible for 60% of the cost of treatment. However, as a pensioner, do I qualify for CMU, or do I have to take out a private insurance- I'm not sure which Insurance company would be best if the latter is the case. Any advice please.

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Does anyone know of an English nativespeaking dermotologist in the centre of Lunel ?I have a very hairy back and it needs immediateattentionthanksJames008

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We are new in the area and are looking for an English or German speaking Dentist in or near Quillan. Our French is getting better, but it would be useful if we could speak to someone with a technical knowledge that is in Enlgish or German? Many thanks Desmond.

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Can anyone recommend a good dentist (preferably with a little English but not essential) within a 20 km radius of Beziers please.Many thankslovesy.huston@gmail.com

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Just like us with limited French, so many people on this site seem to find it difficult to visit the doctor or the dentist where the vocubulary needed requires more than just pointing to a baguette in the bakery and saying 'Deux, s'il vous plait!'. If anyone would like an easy guide to print off and keep, which we have found very useful, go to the Cancer Support France website, cancersupportfrance.org Click on publications down the left hand side, and then on the seventh publication down, ‘Vocabulary for English speaking patients’. Not only has it been very helpful for us, but our doctor now has one she keeps in the practice for other struggling French speakers like ourselves, as well as visiting guests, summers tourists, etc. Hope it helps!

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Hi, We are new in the area and are looking for an English speaking Doctor in or near Quillan. Our French is getting better, but it would be useful if we could speak to someone with a technical knowledge that is in Enlgish?Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thank you.

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Hi- I know one cannot name names on this webpage, but I would be grateful if someone could recommend/ had experoence of a knee specialist (orthopaedic), in the Nimes/Montpellier/Orange area. If you can so recommend, please reply on my email address-rokemaceco@gmail.com. and not through the Anglo-Info web page. We think the problem is arthritis, or a worn cartilage and await an MRI scan. Many thanks if you can help. Leigh I would be very grateful

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Hi to all,I have an ongoing knee problem which is getting considerably worse and I think its time to see a doctor.... Does anyone out there know of an English speaking doctor who is located in Narbonne ?? Failing that, any doctor who knows about knees and joints.....Many thanks

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The same enquiry as many others. Does anyone have recommendations of English speaking doctors (general practitioners) around the Perpignan area? My e mail: bevmick.wall@gmail.com Thank you

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Hi, My husband and I have been living here since June 2011. We have our cartes vitalles but have only just got around to buying top-up insurance. Now that we have it though, we can't make head nor tail of the instructions which came with it. We expected to receive some sort of credit-card-sized card from our insurers but instead we got a letter with something on the bottom about half A5 size which I think we are expected to produce at the pharmacie. What we can't work out and what we can't find any mention of is what we do when we go to our GP. Do we just hand over our cartes vitalles as usual but now expect to be reimbursed for the full 23€ fee rather than 70% of it? We have been to CPAM and brought our cards up to date but are still unclear whether we need to anything else or produce any other evidence for our GP. We'd be most grateful for any advice.

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Good Morning,We are looking for information on Health Care for a short to medium term stay in France. Any info regarding this subject and also on two companies which apparently offer this service, namely Exclusive Healthcare Insurance, and Swiss Life.many thanks

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Hi - can anyone please recommend an English speaking Osteopath in the Carcassonne area?

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Does any one know of a speech therapist who speaks good English. My husband does not speak any French and needs a speech therapist having been left with a damaged vocal chord after a parasitic infection.

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Does anyone know of any eating disorder clinics or therapists in or around Carcassonne for a young girl of 17? Are there any self help groups for sufferers or their family?

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Bonsoir Tous I am half thinking of going skiing in Andorra traveling from Perpignan to Soldeu by car. Can anyone give me advice on thetraveling conditions (Do you think I need tire chains?) of course that depends on the weather! I have been out here for about two years and although I love skiing in Font Romeu, I am looking for more challenging skiing, altitude is the answer!If anyone wants to join me that would be a bonus!.... That total ski nutter from Perpignan, bisous

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Can anyone offer information , and impartial advice about finding a good Mutuelle, there seems to be a minefield of info out there and many choices, as well as conflicting advice!We are just in the process of registering for med care here, with no pressing medical issues( touch wood).Thanks.

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HiCan anyone recommend an English speaking dentist in the Minervois Area or anywhere within a reasonable distance of Rieux-Minervois?Many thanksDiane

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Can anyone enlighten me pls. As an EU citizen - not from France - I understand I would be covered also in France to a certain extent when I produce the "international" health care card. Is it necessary to join the French health care system and have the "mutuelle" at all, if I'm only thinking of staying in France a couple of months or half a year at a time? Is it only those people who have decided to stay in France permanently that join the French system?

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