started by: Fabby-494817 · last update: 1322582821 · posted: 1322582083

Hello, Does anyone know of a dentist, English speaking would be good but not necessary, who is good with nervous children? I think you have to PM to send a message.Many thanks,Fabby

started by: Myra-498459 · last update: 1320525596 · posted: 1320413695

Does anyone know of an english hairdresser in the Chalabre area

started by: moonface-498067 · last update: 1320256697 · posted: 1320245680

Can you email us for any suggestion. Thank you very much

started by: soz-497959 · last update: 1320055107 · posted: 1320048399

Could anyone email me with the name of a very good Medicine Generaliste who speaks good English (French is good but not for complicated medical issues). We are happy to travel, so anywhere around the north of Bezier, around Pezenas etc. We have an extremely poor one where we are living now and he has created more problems than we started out with - (not in the Languedoc). Also ditto for a Gynaecologist if someone knows of one. Many thanks

started by: nomadz · last update: 1318851432 · posted: 1318776477

i have a birthday coming up and would like to go somewhere for facial, foot massage (day of pampering). does anyone out there know of any wonderful places near toulouse, carcassonne, narbonne area.thanks

started by: Limeman · last update: 1318504852 · posted: 1318495411

Hello there,Can anyone recommend a podiatrist in the Limoux/Carcassonne area please?Many thanks.

started by: palmerbarbara51-487135 · last update: 1317635388 · posted: 1317398749

can any one help with my problem, my carte vitale has been stopped as i am now not working they have said i can go on my husbands he is with rsi i have a siren no but have not worked on it for a while to go on my husbands do i get my own card or have to use his if i can get it done i am not old enough to retire so can't get a pension for a few more years

started by: francais-497642 · last update: 1317633751 · posted: 1317589916

Hi, I flew back to France last week and on descent, my ears wouldnt equalize at all and it was extremely painful. I tried all the usual tactics but to no avail. It is almost a week on and one of my ears is still severely blocked (the other isnt 100% either). I cant hear out of the worst ear and the pain has been almost unbearable (in both ears), so I went to the docs and tried to explain what had happened...he prescribed strong ibuprofen and antibiotics but 3 days later they are still blocked, although the severe pain seems to have gone. If you have experienced this before, please let me know how you resolved it! I have hear ear candles might help but im a bit scared to do it...not sure where to get it done either? Thanks in advance for any advice!

started by: nomadz · last update: 1317042286 · posted: 1317029687

hello, does anyone know of a good acupuncturist? doesn't neccessarily have to speak english but around or near carcassonne. would even travel to toulouse if worth it.

started by: FrenchHouse-496052 · last update: 1316539785 · posted: 1316537342

Hi I wondered if anyone knows of an English Speaking Doctor in the Alignan/Servian area or if not Pezenas.Many thanks.

started by: jax1962-484110 · last update: 1315998166 · posted: 1315996398

Hi, does anyone know of an opthalmo in/near the Quillan area? Having difficulty finding one with any availability before end of November!

started by: woody148 · last update: 1315211133 · posted: 1307444476

Does anyone know if there is a Multiple Sclerosis group in the Béziers area please? I have looked on the internet & the nearest seems to be Montpellier.

started by: RogerP-493247 · last update: 1313751166 · posted: 1313750140

HiI'm looking for an English speaking optician. Although I speak and understand a fair amount of French my eyesight has changed significantly over the last 18 months and I need to be able to have a "meaningful" discussion with the optician.I live in Olonzac, so anywhere between Carcassonne and Beziers would be good.Thanks

started by: riccris · last update: 1312715321 · posted: 1307465611

does anyone know of an english speaking opthamologist in the carcassonne area or anywhere in aude. thanks riccris

started by: Maggie2-497480 · last update: 1312115359 · posted: 1312115359

I'm retired and would like to find exercise classes to help keep fit and meet other young retired people Maggie2. .

started by: JBeck · last update: 1312051058 · posted: 1312047752

Looking for a good dentist in Montpellier. Does not have to be English speaking. Very much appreciate recommendations. Thanks!

started by: Petlyn-484602 · last update: 1312035904 · posted: 1312020699

Please, does anyone know of a good dentist in the 66 region - Prades/Perpignan/Thuir etc? I have a milk tooth which as been filled for years and I am told now requires extraction or a difficult root filling, so need someone who is good rather than an 'I'll take it out for you' person.Thanks in anticipation

started by: papabear-497718 · last update: 1311815238 · posted: 1311815238

I am looking for any english speaking A A meetings in the Prades/Vernet area

started by: patsyneil · last update: 1310760658 · posted: 1310727711

We live in a small village between Nimes and Ales and are seeking an English speaking doctor. Is anyone able to help please?

started by: trishthedish · last update: 1309354657 · posted: 1309354223

Can anyone advise of an English speaking physio in Carcassonne?

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