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Does anyone know where I can get the paint stripped off 6 doors? They have been painted several times. Back in the UK I got doors stripped by a firm who used some kind of paint stripping acid bath - and they came out a real treat. Thanks.

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I have a villa in the Carcassonne region and i am  thinking ahead when my pool will be up and running.  I rent it out for a few weeks only each year and the chap who looks after it charges me 25 euros each visit but if someone is there he charges 33 euros a visit.  As he visits three times a week during the very hot season this came to  99 euros each week.  I have been trying to find costs online, only expats are advertising and some of the charges are way over the top.  Am i paying about the right amount or can someone give me an idea of costs etc.  Only eight years ago it was 15 euros a week so the increase is phenomenal!!!!!  Thanks

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Hello.Has anyone had any  success buying cast iron radiators from the UK and installing them in a French home?We are renovating a home and the 20+ radiators were cracked, rusted etc. The home has a a completely new heating system and piping (multicouche).We tried restoring the original ones but it ended up being a disaster with the usual shady actors.Buying restored radiators in France has been an exercise in patience, and they seem to be overpriced.Any advice / lessons would be most appreciated.Thanks

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Hi we live in Montazels, does anyone know of a builder who could repair a collapsed wall. Many thanks Richard

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Hi, we are about to buy a house in Minervois with an empty 10x5 pool. It needs a new liner. We know nothing about pools. I have done a little research but would really appreciate overall advice on - well, everything! For instance, would it be worth getting an automatic chlorine top-up gadget? Or considering converting to salt? We will not always be there, and it would seem this would mean maintenance could be on a weekly basis? Any hints and tips would be thankfully received!

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Hi there,I have a house in 47180 (near Marmande) and rent it for the summer. Does anyone have a recommendation for a pool maintenance person or company please?Many thanks!Susie 

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Looking for a cleaner for a private home.   Must be reliable. House is near Quillan. 

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The roof of my flat in Sete is leaking. I am pretty sure it's the surround of the velux that is the problem. I really need help to sort it. I'm in Sete from the 8-13 of November...it'd be fantastic if someone can come and have a look and, hopefully, get the job done. If these dates don't work then I can arrange for  someone else to be there. Do get in touch! Thanks, Neil

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Hi we are searching for a house around the Puivert, Chalabre region and the surrounding areas and very lean on finding a few like minded people to socialise with . We love cycling, walking  , eating good food , drinking and generally having a good laugh . We are very early on in our search but being close to a thriving village is important with people who speak English to socialise with ( until our French improves) any info would be great . Thanks 

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Hello, Really need some help finding a property to rent privately close to Narbonne. We have been living in the Dordogne for 4 years and now looking to move. Really need a home home with at least 80m2 and a garden. If anyone has a property they are looking to rent please contact me. We have excellent references from our current French landlords and we are happy to pay a years rent in advance if necessary. Self employed professional couple with a small dog. Thank you so much!Esther Deneau at estherblaney1@gmail.com or on 0663958195

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Hello everyone,We hope to buy a small holiday home in the Languedoc, perhaps over Beziers way. Perhaps nearer the coast? Can anyone please suggest a nice area/village/small town where we can start looking ? Quite honestly we haven't much idea. Many thanks, in anticipation.Mog Jones

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Hello...I'm here doing some renovations for some friends, I need to know where is best to go to buy things like paint, oils and stains for decking etc! Obviously in the UK there are trade centres and/or more general outlets like B&Q but I'm unsure as to what's what over here. I'm based in Lezian Corbiers so anyone in the vicinity who could point me in a direction...it'd be much appreciated. Cheers.

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We have just used bjw logistics  for bringing a part load of boxes from England. We can highly recommend him. Reliable, kept in constant touch, polite and helpful and very reasonable too. Contact bjwogistics@btinternet.com. 00447854116861

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HI,  thinking of buying a house but it needs renovated part of which is a rewire. I got a quote which I think is extortionate so was going to do it myself as I worked as an electrician in the uk. I would need to track horizontal across the wall. Is my understanding of french regs correct that i can do this by putting the cables in steel conduit that runs along the top off the wall but not below 1/8th of the total height of the wall? The house has concrete ceilings throughout! Would appreciate feed back if anyone can confirm or deny. Cheers

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Hi, we are looking for an English speaking electrician as we would like to replace our consumer unit and have some questions to ask re some of our original wiring.  We live in Counozouls near Axat, so if anyone knows of a good electrician or is one that covers our area please reply.Many thanks

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