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Hi - any advice on the following problem much appreciated... We have an old terraced village house (built 1800s). There's damp along the length of one wall, reaching up to about 3 feet high in places. The paint and plaster is flaking off, it looks awful and I have to remove mould periodically. However, it's structural damage I'm more worried about. Could the wooden beams at floor level and stonework be damaged? There's a cave underneath (could this be the root of the problem?) but the entrance has been bricked up by previous owners. One company said they would inject the wall with a chemical - but it's expensive and I've read that this can create greater problems elsewhere, as the water has to go somewhere...  Other people have told me just to cover the wall up with water-resistant plaster board... Another person said to re-plaster with a more damp-resistant type of plaster and then paint over with a darker colour up to waist height - basically just make it look nice and live with it.   I'm not sure what the best course of action is. Should I get a surveyor to take a look? All advice hugely appreciated! p

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penelope-499784 1441804242

Where are you??  My husband would be happy to come and look - he is retired so it will only be to give an opinion - but he doesn't want to travel far.  

coffeepot-10048506 1441892011

If the cave has been blocked up then there isn't much airflow beneath your damp wall?  Ventilation and opening up the cave would be the first thing I would do.

The last thing I would do is all of the other things you mention like damp proof injection or covering up with waterproof this and that. Avoid those people like the plague bodgers and probably rip off merchants to boot.

pezney 1441911873

Hi Penelope,

That's a really, really kind offer - is your husband in the building trade?

We're back and forth to the UK at the mo, so I'd have to find a clear spot in the diary.

We're in the Minervois region.. between Carcassonne and Narbonne.

Maybe I can check my dates and come back to you?


Many thanks for the response,


pezney 1441912134

Thanks coffeepot, will certainly look into unblocking the cave ..

And re: bodgers - they were asking 10k to inject the walls, so won't be rushing into that in a hurry..


Thanks again for your response,



penelope-499784 1441993480

My husband agrees with Coffeepot - open up the cellar before you do anything else.



flareth 1442003723

We have an old stone wall farm house in Belcaire with all the walls covered in concrete it is impossible for the walls to breath air circulation is so important plaster and cement suffocate the walls causing damp 

Alan C-B 1443477119

... In agreement with all the others, open up the cellar for air circulation .... now breath in and breath out! Alan

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