Any Apartments for sale in or near Beziers

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HelloDo you have an apartment for sale in the Beziers area or do you know anybody who does. The Budget is 50K. A balcony is a huge plus. We are especially interested in Serignan.Please get in touch as we will be in the area next week i.e week beginning Monday 17th July 2016

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ValDa (Aude) 1468650486

Have you had a look on Le Bon Coin?  There are some places for sale - but I'm not sure what size of apartment, with balcony, you're expecting - have a look here (click for link).

Joe-Twelve-863099 1469691535

Hi ValDa

Thanks for your reply. We found a place. Huge number of apts for sale over there at very good prices but a bit challenging as regards balconies or terrrace space, and also Beziers is the kind of city that you need to be careful about your selection of neighbourhood. Anyway to make a long story short, we settled on a place close to but not in the city.

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